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6 Ways To Ease Tongue Tension

What Tongue Tension Does

Tongue tension is no fun to have as a singer. Our tongue is so connected to our larynx that any stiffness or unwanted movements in your tongue can really mess up your notes and performance.

It can dull your sound, negatively affect your pitch, and limit your vocal range

We, as singers, can get this tension from being nervous, not having proper singing training, or simply not being warmed up enough before attempting to perform or practice.

Here are some exercises you can incorporate into your singing warmups if you suffer from tongue tension often. 

How To Relax Your Tongue

Stretch Your Tongue Out

One simple way to remove tension from your tongue is to simply grab it and stick it out as much as you can straight forward with your hands.

This tongue stretching exercise is one of the simplest and most effective ways to get rid of that tension, but if you're worried about germs, a glove for your hands or a clean towel should do.

Stretch your tongue far several times over and over to help the stiffness of the muscles in your throat that can negatively affect your pitch. 

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Do Tongue Curls

Similar to stretching your tongue out straight forward, you can perform tongue curls to help ease the tension if you are able to do so. Most people can curl the tip of their tongue at least a little, while some can roll their tongue up to a very impressive amount.

This is a very effective exercise when done over and over at least ten times or so. If you have trouble with tongue curls, try manually guiding your tongue into a curl in the mirror. 

Mumming With Your Tongue Out 

Try saying the word mum while holding the last m for a long time to make your mouth vibrate. Now try the same thing with your tongue rested between your vibrating lips.

This is a great exercise to help singers who need to get rid of tongue tension. It's important to keep saying mum repeatedly so that you are opening and closing the vowels and consonants. 

Brush Your Teeth With Your Tongue 

Another great way to stretch your tongue out is to act like you are brushing your teeth with your tongue. Get the front teeth, sides of your teeth, the bottom, and the back parts of both rows of your teeth.

Brush your tongue against the roof of your mouth and under your tongue as well. This can help you relieve tension in your tongue with stretches from a variety of different angles. 


Sing "La La La" Dramatically Articulated 

You can also speak this, but singing la la la over and over with emphasis on the tongue clicks is another good way to release some tension you may be having.

The force of the clicks against the base and roof of your mouth will help your tongue loosen up some stiffness that could be reaching muscles in your larynx as well. Do this over and over for a minute or so during your warmup. 

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Tongue Trills 

Not everyone can do a tongue trill, also known as a tongue roll, but if you are able to do so, it may help with some tension in your tongue.

The rolled r is the most commonly used in Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic, and many other languages. Holding the rolled r over and over can help release the stress in your tongue with the vibrations. 

Bonus Tip: Tongue Massage

Another effective method to relieve tongue tension is by giving yourself a gentle tongue massage. This technique helps relax the muscles and promotes better tongue mobility. Here's how you can do it:

Begin by sticking your tongue out as far as you comfortably can.

Using your index and middle fingers, start from the base of your tongue and move them along the sides toward the tip.

Apply gentle pressure and make small circular motions as you move your fingers along the length of your tongue.

Continue massaging the entire surface of your tongue, including the sides and the back.

Take your time and focus on any areas that feel particularly tense or stiff.

Repeat this massage for a couple of minutes, gradually releasing any tension you feel.

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