Is The Music Industry Truly Evil? Sunday March 6 2022, 9:46 AM
Yona Marie
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Is The Music Industry Truly Evil?

The Evil In The Music Industry 

There's evil in the music industry, no doubt. The thing is, there are forms of evil in every major industry.

Sure, there are rumors circling around about the Illuminati, blood sacrifices, and secret powers that the rich only have access to. But no matter how far you get into the conspiracy theories, you can never know what's true and what's a lie. 

Is there a deep evil in the industry that involves cults and supernatural demonic powers? Maybe, maybe not. But let's not turn a blind eye to the more obvious evils that have been plaguing the music industry for decades or more.

There are at least five different types of evil going around in the music business that you need to be aware of if you or a loved one is trying to become prominent in it. 

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Money Hungry Labels

Major music labels are one of the most talked-about evils in the music industry.

While labels can make your dreams come true as an artist or band, you are more likely to be left with less creative freedom, more stress, and possibly a debt when all is said and done.

While some stars get to shine like the top acts on a label, most signed acts are doing a lot of hard work and getting very little in return.

You must remember that labels are all about their profits at the end of the day, so your money, your feelings, and who you are as a person won't matter much to them at all.

Yes, they will be nice to you, they are persuasive, and they will make you feel like family, but you can easily get screwed over and left for dry if you aren't careful or are simply unlucky. 

Sexism In The Music Industry

Sexism is rampant in every culture in some form or fashion, and it gets ramped up when it comes to musical entertainment.

Women get seen as objects that can be thrown away when they're singers, rappers, dancers, and songwriters. You rarely see a woman in a position of power in labels or at studios. Women who are looking for big breaks get asked to do some terrible things. 

On top of being seen as less than, women get treated poorly when they decide they want to become sexually liberated in their musical journey.

It's like when we are forced to be sexualized; we get used, then judged. When we decide to use our sexuality in our artistic expression, we get judged and even disrespected further. It's like a lose-lose situation. 

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Racism In The Music Industry

If you're a woman and you're black, good luck. Black people have been used, cheated, and robbed of their musical ideas for centuries while we still get treated as less than others.

If you're black in the industry, you must try twice as hard to keep up a good reputation. 

Popular songwriter and artist The Dream told Billboard the following:

"If you got a hit and you're white, there are no limits to what you can do. If you're black and you have a hit today but can't do it again tomorrow, then your ass is out of here. When the industry uses you up, that's it. You're gone."

Drug Exploitation In The Music Scene

The environments in which artists and musicians find themselves often involve a pull to heavy drug abuse. Most artists find ways to not fall too deeply into its allure, but we all know of big names that suffered fatal overdoses of drugs like opioids, heroin, and alcohol. 

The main sources of these problems lie in stress, anxiety, excess income, and constant exposure to party environments.

Popular music artists are often too young to make sound decisions that they won't regret and don't have a solid enough support system around them because of the excess income.

Many people surrounding the most successful music artists are mainly there for their personal gain and not for genuine connections they can rely on. 

Pride Amongst Successful Music Industry People 

Pride can play a huge part in the racism, sexism, and money-hungry nature of people in the music industry.

When key players or popular artists get to a certain level of success, they can feel invincible and like they're better than other people around them. Pride can make everyone a bit lesser, but it can take an already terrible person and make them truly evil. 

Forget blaming cancel culture; many of your favorite music artists have very dark parts of themselves that people don't like to talk about.

I don't have to name many of them, but I'll just start and end with a prime example: R. Kelly. This well-known artist is known to be a musical genius and a terrible abuser that has stained the R&B world for years to come. 

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