15 Benefits Of Music You Get From Creating, Consuming, Or Performing Friday March 11 2022, 1:12 PM
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15 Benefits Of Music You Get From Creating, Consuming, Or Performing

Benefits Of Music

Music is one of the epic loves of my life. The connection I have with music is so deep and destined that I don't think I'd be much without it. I like to think of my relationship with music as something from which both sides can benefit.

Music brings me a ton of joy and blessings, and I do my best to approach music with respect, love, and new ideas that others can appreciate and benefit from as well.

Music can do so many things for you as a person. It doesn't matter if you're a great singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, or music lover.

The gifts that music provides to us all are beyond what we deserve. It's magic like no other, just like romantic love or the love between a mother and child. Let's discuss some ways this magic can teach you how to be a better person. 

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Increased Creativity

Music can bring out creativity in us all. Writing music, recording music, organizing our favorite tunes, and pairing music with great moments in life can help you put together projects in a way that you wouldn't be able to do without this bit of magic.

Music inspires us all to make something unique of our own and share it with the people we love. 


Fostering Teamwork

Music brings us together, especially if we're in performance or creative settings with other musicians. Ideas from a group of music lovers can grow into something amazing that no person can do alone.

Do you notice how many of the most award-winning hit songs in the world often have a ton of co-writers and collaborators? Some of the best projects are the result of musical genius minds teaming up to create a masterpiece. 

Getting Lost In Passion

Raw passion for something you love (not someone) is interesting to get exposed to for the first time.

When we think of passion, we often think of heated moments with loved ones, but passion projects are a unique experience to find yourself in the middle of.

Have you ever found yourself working on a creative project for what seemed like a couple of hours, but you look up at the time and realize that 6 hours flew by? There's nothing like it. 

Increased Consistency 

I never thought about pushing myself to be consistent at something until I seriously started working on my musical projects.

Sure, I was consistently doing my daily routine and school routine as well, but pushing for consistency with no one being my boss or overhead was a very cool thing to learn and grow through for the first time.

Every day, I had to tell myself that I would work on songs, and no one was there to make me do it. Sometimes I didn't want to do it, but I pushed myself.

There was no pay involved for this consistency. There were no repercussions if I didn't keep it up. I was just being consistent for the sake of my passion. 


The Joy Of Bringing Joy 

There are plenty of things you can do in this world to bring others joy, but I find music to be one of the most rewarding ways to make it happen.

Sharing an intimate part of myself and my passion with others and having them appreciate it as much or more than I do is truly something special.

Fake love is a thing I often see in this world, especially from strangers, but the genuine connection I'm able to make with strangers through music is truly beautiful. 

Growing Social Skills 

I like to call myself an introvert who can fake extroversion for a short time. A limited number of topics get me going and social, and music is at the top of that list.

Without the common interest in music, I wouldn't have made as many friends throughout school and college. Music brought me close to introverts and extroverts, which positively affected my life day after day. 

Building Confidence

Having confidence as a young black woman can be a challenge in this world. Everyone is looking at you since you stand out, everyone is expecting you to act a certain way, and I'm not good with meeting people's expectations.

Luckily, I was blessed with musical talent that helped carry me from being insecure with myself into being comfortable with being seen and heard.

Music is a gift that was given to me that I should have no qualms or inhabitations about sharing.

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Improving Memory

I'm quite a forgetful person, but music helps me keep my mind on track. I have plenty of old songs in my head that helped me learn basic things like the 50 states, multiplication, scientific facts, and much more.

Melodies really help things stick in my brain, and it's not just because I have musical talent. This is a gift we all can share as people who appreciate music. 

Increased Patience

Writing a song and getting stuck on it is a very humbling experience.

We all know what it's like to be impatient with people or situations around you, but becoming impatient with yourself is a critical process in life that we all have to go through and learn from in order to become stronger and more persistent people once we go through it.

Consistency ties in heavily here, but knowing that good work takes time is a lesson that music can definitely bring you. 

Stress Relief

Here's another aspect of life that music can teach you even if you don't have musical talent. Music can help you relax and get rid of the stress of the world that we all get hit with day after day.

Pair music with a good bath, a good meal, a good workout, or a massage, and watch the stress dial on your life slowly turn down. It's a stress reliever that you can use time and time again without fail.

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Tapping Into Your Emotions 

I'm an emotional person, and everyone around me knows it. My husband says I wear my emotions right on my sleeve and all over my facial expressions.

I may not be the best proof of this since I'm already so emotionally intelligent (lol), but music really brings out my emotions like no other.

It's a great way to channel negative and positive energy in a way that will become art regardless. Not only does that art help release my emotional tension, but when I share it with others, it can also do the same for them. 


Writing a song can be a lot like complex problem-solving. When you start a song, you are creating a problem that needs to be explained and solved. Further, each line in a song can be problem after problem that needs to be solved.

Creating a song is like solving a puzzle with a million right answers and a million wrong answers simultaneously. The keys to solving it lie in patience, creativity, consistency, and getting lost in your passion. 


Life is a series of journeys that we all go through, but creative and personal journeys like learning music can be a wonderful thing to look back on as you progress year after year.

It helps if you have recordings of yourself as you get better over time, similar to a weight-loss journey, where you weigh yourself and take pictures of yourself as you shed pounds. You appreciate where you came from, the steps you take day after day, and the possibilities of the future. 

Flaw Appreciation

There are certain things in life that people strive to be perfect at, but music does not need to be one of them.

Sure, we, as musicians, all want to be the best versions of ourselves, but so much beauty lies in the minor flaws we make in our musical performances and creations.

The flaws add unique and emotionally resonant touches to musical art that can seem surreal. Pain in music is beautiful. Oversinging in music can be beautiful. Bad diction in music can work amazingly sometimes. 

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Growth In The Uncomfortable  

We all get to a point in life where we are scared to take a leap because it will make us feel uncomfortable. We all have a fear of the unknown. This is perfectly shown in the world of performing arts.

Getting on stage for the first time will be a terrifying experience. Getting on stage for the 100th time might terrify you, too. But each time you push through those fears, you become a more robust version of yourself. 

I often find myself at the peak of anxiety in musical performances, and you would think that it feels miserable. But at the height of my fear and awkwardness,

I often find liberation and a fleeting feeling of enchantment. I always find that after a terrifying performance, good things happen to me. I meet the right people or stumble upon an amazing opportunity. 


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