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Yona Marie
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Relatable Songs About Insecurity

Songs About Fear And Insecurity 

Are you feeling insecure about yourself? Not sure where you stand in a relationship? Are you comparing your life to others and wondering why you don't feel like you measure up? you are not alone. No matter who we are, where we come from, or what we have, we all as humans feel insecure sometimes. 

The beauty in this vulnerability can come out when music artists express these feelings of insecurity in the form of a song. Here are some of my favorite songs that focus on the topic of insecurity. I've also added these to a Spotify playlist for when I'm in the mood to get into my feelings. 

Songs About Self Loathing

TLC - Unpretty

Excuse me for being a 90s baby, but this is the first song to pop up in my head when it comes to lyrics about insecurities! This really resonated with me in elementary and middle school as I tried to make it through my many awkward phrases. 

P!NK - Don't Let Me Get Me

Here's something like a throwback that always stuck to me in terms of the music. Pink wasn't afraid to really dig into herself on this one and be vulnerable enough to say all the things she doesn't like about herself at times. Way too relatable, especially in the school-age years. 

Songs About Insecurity In Relationships 

Eric Carmen - All by Myself

This one is a true throwback that I often hear in movies and shows 'til this day! "All By Myself" is the perfect song to cry in the rain to with way too much dramatization of you're feeling like you really want to spiral. 

Jay Sean - Do You Love Me

Jay Sean came out with an underrated pop song that perfectly explains how it feels to be insecure in a relationship that's new. It's also a really good song for the summertime vibe playlists. 

K. Michelle - I Wish I Could Be Her

K. Michelle gave us range and depth with this song here! This is an anthem for the times when you're young and confused about why the romantic interest in your life is choosing to entertain others instead of keeping their focus on you. Unfortunately, I can't find it on Spotify.

Songs About Comparing Yourself To Others 

Echosmith - Cool Kids

This is a viral song that got stuck in everyone's heads thanks to social media. It was a huge hit in the young internet crowd around 2014 that gives you memories of high school and college times trying to fit in with the crowd and not be awkward. 

Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts

Here is one of my favorite Beyonce songs, which is saying a lot because I like so many of them. This one really resonates and talks about how far we can go hide our imperfections and fit in with what the media says is beautiful. 

More Songs About Insecurity

There are so many more songs about insecurities that I really like, including the ones I'll mention below. These can also be found on my Spotify insecurity playlist if you want to check it out at the top of this post. 

Tyler, the Creator - November

Christina Aguilera - Beautiful

SZA - Drew Barrymore

Beyonce - Love Drought

Snakehips & MØ - Don't Leave

I Am Not My Hair - India Arie 

Carly Rae Jepsen - Your Type

Kirk Franklin- Imagine Me 

Tears For Fears - Mad World

Lucy Hale - Nervous Girls

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