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A Breakdown Of Beyonce's Vocal Range

What's Beyonce's Voice Type?

Beyonce is a Mezzo-Soprano singer with a huge range and a lot of different vocal style abilities. While she mainly sings R&B and pop, Beyonce has been known to sing in styles that include opera, country, gospel, and more. A typical mezzo-soprano can sing from G3 to A5, but Beyonce reaches further on the lower and higher ends. She's been recorded singing in the studio from B2 to E6 with live performances that may stretch even further.

How Many Octaves Can Beyonce Sing?

Beyonce's voice spans a little less than 4 octaves, which is extremely impressive for any singer. Her high whistle tones are on par with greats including Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande. 

How Low Can Beyonce Sing?

Beyonce has a surprisingly low and full voice for a soprano. She often showcases her lowest notes on verses and harmony notes sung in the background for her songs. One of her lowest notes, B2, can be found in the track "Feeling Myself" at the timestamp highlighted in the video below. 

How High Can Beyonce Sing?

Beyonce can belt with the best of them and reach some crazy high notes with her whistle tone. For belted high notes, she's sung as high as an E in a full chest voice (belting voice) with an example being the key changes toward the end and not including the head voice/whistle tone notes. 

Beyonce's whistle ton can be heard going as high as E6 as heard on one of her throwback tracks with Destiny's Child's song "Happy Face" that can be heard in the clip and the timestamp highlighted below. Again, some of her live performances may have gone beyond this note. 

How Has Beyonce's Vocal Range Changed Over The Years? 

Beyonce's range hasn't changed much, and she can still hit some great lower and higher notes like she could over a decade ago. Her overall tone has become fuller over the years, which is common for female singers that started at an early age. In her teen years, when singing with Destiny's Child, Beyonce had more of a light and airy tone.

As her career progressed, she added more edge, thickness, and depth to her tone and has been known to effectively sing aggressively quite often. Despite her fuller voice, Beyonce is still quite capable of whisper and soft tones in her singing, as well as light and airy high notes.


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