Top 10 Songs With High Notes To Sing (These Are Hard!) Tuesday August 2 2022, 2:00 PM
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Top 10 Songs With High Notes To Sing (These Are Hard!)

Songs With High Notes

Some songs are an impossible challenge, even for professional and trained singers, to attempt in a live performance.

Whether you can really sing or not, it's still pretty fun to try to sing some of the hardest songs ever that have impossible high notes. Shout out to the amazing singers that were able to pull it off, even if only in the studio.

Here is my top 10 list of songs with high notes. While some of them truly do have some of the highest notes in songs ever, some of them are attainably high, but still only able to be pulled off by the best of the best.

You may want to keep these for your karaoke sessions only, but if you try one out and actually have some success with it, consider uploading a cover for the world to see. It would be a truly impressive feat!

Female Songs With High Notes

Beyonce - Love On Top 

The beginning of this song is pretty doable for professional singers. The chorus can be a bit tough, but after a few practicing sessions and a great warm-up, you're good to go. Or so you would think.

The many key changes towards the end of the song are where things will likely get dicey. Beyonce just keeps going and going until she hits high A flat in her head voice and high Es in her chest voice. Not to mention that the lyrics are hard to keep up with. 

Minnie Ripperton - Lovin' You

If you're trying to get in touch with your whistle-tone voice, you've probably tried this before. If you've got it, you got it.

But if you don't have it or have nowhere even close to the high G that she sings, it can be a truly humbling thing. Don't ever try it first thing in the morning without warming up; it will sound like there is dust in your throat. 

Stone Cold - Demi Lovato

While the notes in this song aren't the highest ever, it's almost impossible for Demi herself to get through it live.

The way it's written demands the singer to sing with all of their might on the high chorus belts and with low energy in their lower register in the verses, giving the vocals almost too much pressure to handle in one song.

It's also hard to keep up with the tempo when hitting all of these emotional notes. 

Phantom Of The Opera - Christine


So many singers have played the role of Christine in this popular music, and almost all of them actually manage to pull it off.

But when you see or hear someone attempting to sing it outside of the official productions, you may hear someone sounding like a dying cat.

Singers must practice and train well to pull off these notes with power and presence, although you could also take the light approach that Emmy Rossum does in the movie version. 

Sia - Chandelier

Here's one that you've probably heard several people struggle through drunkenly on karaoke night. It's really fun to sing this one badly, even for pro singers.

It takes a ton to get through the chorus on this one, and you are likely going to want to give up completely before the end of the track.

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

This song also doesn't feature the highest note ever, but it does arguably feature the prettiest high note ever sung. Whitney Houston was a mezzo-soprano who knew how to put some power and passion into a high belt.

There's no way you didn't melt when you first heard her sing this. And she sounded just as good singing these notes live! 

Male Songs With High Notes

Brenden Urie - Into The Unknown


I'm not sure that I've ever heard any guy be able to sing this song in this key, as well as the guy that leads Panic At The Disco, Brenden Urie.

His high notes threw me off while I watched the credits roll at the end of Frozen 2; dare I say that I enjoyed his singing even more than I enjoyed the movie itself.

It's hard to believe that a rock band singer can sing with such a great and almost classical technical approach. 

Pavarotti - Vesti La Giubba

Speaking of classical approaches, no one does it like the greatest himself, Pavarotti! That tone, that resonance, that beautiful vibrato; his is a voice that only comes along once in a lifetime.

Many classically trained tenor singers can sing this, thankfully, but it's really hard to match the epicness of his unique timbre. 

Take 6 - Get Away, Jordan

Take 6 has vocal legends that can harmonize better than any group I have ever heard in my life. I know that's a really strong statement to make, but I stand by it with ten toes down.

Not only are they great at harmonizing, but the tenors in the group have some insanely high notes in their register that are featured at the end of this song. What a treat! 

Bon Jovi - Livin’ On A Prayer


I dare you to find me a guy that doesn't sound like a trainwreck while trying to sing this at karaoke.

Most of the time, guys won't even make attempts, and you'll hear girls singing it instead. Or the guys will punk out and sing it under the octave. I'd be extra impressed to hear a guy that can hit the chorus's harmony a third above the melody. 

Tips For Hitting High Notes

Proper Breath Support

Adequate breath support is crucial for singing high notes. Take deep breaths from your diaphragm, allowing your abdomen to expand.

This will give you the necessary airflow and support to reach and sustain high notes without straining your vocal cords.

Warm-up Exercises

Prior to attempting high notes, warm up your voice with exercises that gradually extend your range.

Start with gentle vocal warm-ups, such as lip trills, sirens, and gentle scales, gradually working your way up to higher notes. This helps prepare your vocal cords and prevents strain.


Maintain Good Posture

Good posture plays a significant role in achieving high notes with ease. Stand or sit up straight, relax your shoulders, and keep your head aligned with your spine.

This allows for proper airflow and optimal vocal cord alignment, reducing strain on your voice.

Gradual Range Expansion

Avoid pushing your voice to reach higher notes before you're ready. Gradually expand your vocal range over time, allowing your voice to develop and strengthen naturally.

Pushing too hard too soon can strain your vocal cords and potentially lead to vocal damage.

Remember, it's essential to listen to your body and not overexert your voice. If you experience discomfort or pain while attempting high notes, take a break and consult a vocal coach or speech pathologist for guidance. 


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