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Breaking Down Demi Lovato's Vocal Range

What's Demi Lovato's Voice Type?

Demi Lovato is a powerful lyric soprano with a killer range in her belting/chest voice in comparison to other pop singers.

Her styles include Pop, Rock, and R&B, where her songs often climactically hit a chorus or bridge where she sings intense high notes that often need great breath support.

While she can sing well low, especially in a studio setting where her voice isn't overworked, she mostly shines in the soprano range. 

How Many Octaves Can Demi Lovato Sing?

Demi has a vocal range that spans almost 4 octaves, with some surprising range on her lower end that could classify her as an alto if she didn't have those killer high notes.

Her range is from C#3 to a belted A5, which is absolutely unreal, to a head voice/whistle tone of Eb7. When we talk about female pop singers with range, whether you love her or hate her, Demi should be in your conversation as one of the best! 

How Low Can Demi Lovato Sing?


Demi Lovato is loved for her high notes, but her low notes go deeper than most female pop singers. For her studio-recorded material, she's sung as low as C#3 on one of my favorite songs of hers called "Neon Lights".

Critics will say that she is not good with low notes live, but she has gotten significantly better in her live performances when it comes to lower note placement. 

How High Can Demi Lovato Sing?

Demi has a powerful belting range that can go as high as A5, as heard in the clip above from Q-Tip's "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" featuring her amazing vocals.

Not many singers in any genre would be able to pull off that note with the power that she has put into it.

Most would opt for doing a more mixed voice with a little bit of head voice mixed with a little bit of chest, but she had a lot of chest voice in that note.

She may have recorded live performances showcasing her singing to a B5 in chest voice. 

Demi also has a really nice head voice and extreme upper head voice, also known as whistle tone. She has showcased vocals that range all the way up to Eb7 in her song "Wildfire" which many people will say she is an absolute beast for.

It comes out of nowhere, and I hope she will do this in more songs, especially in live performances! The closest I've heard is her impressive whistle-tone notes towards the end of an unreleased song from 2019 called "Proof". 

Other Highlights Of Demi's Voice

Emotional Depth

Lovato's vocal performances are often characterized by her emotional depth and raw intensity, especially for her high notes.

She has the ability to convey a wide range of emotions through her singing, capturing the vulnerability and strength in her voice.

Dedication And Work

Demi's vocal resilience in her journey as a singer is noteworthy. Despite facing vocal challenges and undergoing vocal cord surgery in the past, she has managed to recover and continue delivering powerful performances.

Dynamic Range

She showcases an impressive dynamic range in her singing. Demi can seamlessly transition between soft, gentle passages and explosive, intense moments within a song.

This control over dynamics adds depth and impact to her vocal interpretations and really gives her belts an emotional impact.


How Has Demi's Vocal Range Changed Over The Years? 

Demi's range hasn't changed so much as her breath support and her pitch accuracy.

As with many pop singers, she started out with live performances that were equally hit or miss, but as she's grown, she's putting on a much larger amount of performances that showcase how good she's gotten over the years.

Many people would complain that her belted notes were often screechy and pitchy, which is understandable since belting high note after high note live is extremely hard to do.

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