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A Study Of Brendon Urie's Vocal Range

What's Brendon Urie's Voice Type?

Brendon Urie has a stellar vocal range that truly stands out in the world of pop-rock singers.

His voice type fits under the umbrella of tenor from a technical standpoint, but his range far exceeds that of most tenors, especially in his genre of choice.

His vocal range rivals that of some of the most successful professionally trained music theatre and opera singers, and he is considered one of the most influential tenor singers of the modern music age, across all styles of singing. 

His bright tone and ease of access to high notes make him a dead giveaway for a tenor, and some can say that he could even be classified as a countertenor, which is a term for males with an unusually high range.

The vocal agility and tone his voice holds can also classify him as a light lyric tenor in classical music terms. 

How Many Octaves Can Brendon Sing?

This singer has an amazing range that is nearly 4 octaves, which is a rare feat for singers across all genres.

While he is known for his impressive belts of high notes with his clear and crisp tone, he can also access many of the standard low notes that tenors and baritones have. 

His range spans from a D2 to a C6. With this vocal range capability, he has the ability to access a number of notes that rival other great singers, including Freddie Mercury, Mariah Carey, and Prince.

How Low Can Brendon Urie Sing?

Brendon's low range features much more grovel and richness than his higher notes, which makes for the perfect tone on his pop-punk verse delivery when singing lead for his band Panic! At The Disco.

The lowest note that he has sung can be found in his many live-streaming and singing sessions. 

While videos on Youtube claims that he goes as low as a B1, I think that his natural sung voice stops around D2 or Eb2; his lower notes may be better characterized by a technique called vocal fry.

Vocal fry is the lowest form of your register that you can access by lightly making a rattling sound on the vowel "uhhhh" for example. His larynx placement for his lowest notes sounds so scratchy that it can be more like a vocal fry of his spoken voice. 

How High Can Brendon Urie Sing?

Brendon is perhaps best known for his ability to belt out pitch-perfect high notes that almost no other man can in the music industry. His high belting range can be highlighted in his version of Frozen's "Into The Unknown," which is highlighted a the end of the film. 

In this impressive feature, he is able to belt out a clean and crisp Eb4 as if he's a mezzo or soprano singer in the music theatre world.

He backs up this high range with live-singing capabilities that can be found on his many Twitch clips and on songs like "High Hopes" which he sings in his highest falsetto.

The clip below of him singing a C6 is very impressive, but I've noticed that some people highlighting his vocal range on other Youtube videos and sites incorrectly label that note (and his highest note) as C7.

While he may be working on whipping out a C7 in the future, he hasn't been heard doing it yet! It's extremely rare for a male to be able to. 

How Has Brendon's Vocal Range Changed Over The Years?

Mr. Urie seems to be getting more talented as his years of experience multiply in his musical career.

While he had impressive vocal feats with Panic! At The Disco, his solo work and live-streaming consistency have allowed him to expand his range and technique even more as time goes by. 

It seems like Brendon has not reached his vocal peak and may be on his way to even further vocal heights as he keeps testing the boundaries of creativity and learning how to use his vocal instrument as he grows in his singing career.

Who knows, I may find that I have to go back and edit this post if he publishes a twitch stream with even higher notes!

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