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What To Look For In A Music Consultant

Music Consulting Services

A music consultant can do a ton of things for you these days. Some of them can seem more like marketers, managers, or producers because a lot of the service offerings overlap. This is especially true now that many artists are going the independent route and avoiding labels, which also cover many of the services that managers and marketers have. The idea is to help you get forward in your career, but how exactly will they do this, and how do you know if the person or company you are interested in is even qualified to help you?

What To Look For In A Music Consultant 

Before putting any money down and locking into any contracts, you want to make sure you're putting your energy in the right place. First, try to look at yourself and your current music career. Are you just starting off, or do you already have thousands of fans? Music consultants are a great option for those who are just starting out and need guidance before getting signed or hiring a manager.

You want a music consultant to be a great fit for where you are as a creator in your journey. If you are so much of a beginner that you don't yet have music published, you may want to hold off on this type of service. If you already have management or are considering getting both, you may only need to get a manager to steer you in the right direction actively and consult with you at the same time. 

Your music consultant should also be experienced with your genre and the location you often perform. You may find it a waste of money to get a music consultant with a country background while you are more of a classical musician. While all good consultants have a lot of general knowledge that could be of use, your best bet is to get extremely targeted advice according to your style of music. 

A great music consultant will often have a lot of experience in a variety of different sectors in the music world. For example, you may not want to go with a consultant who is a huge music fan and a blogger in comparison to a consultant who has experience as a DJ and instrumentalist. The more skills that the consultant has in the arenas like talent, marketing, or legal advice, the more knowledgeable they likely are. 

What Can A Music Consultant Help You With?

Goal Realization

A music consultant can help you figure out what your vision is for your music career. Are you looking to get signed eventually? Do you want to do tour after tour? Are you capable of being an online music star through social media? The consultant will be able to give you ideas and see what may best match your vision for your future in music.


Consultation can help you get a better feel for what makes you shine as an artist in terms of your background story, style, demeanor, personality, and other aspects that will all come together to make up your music brand. Many up-and-coming artists lack a strong sense of branding that can help them gain fans and the attention of key music industry players. 


When you consult with a music mentor, you will be able to get a feel for your best options when it comes to releasing your music. Where will you post your songs? Will you do physical and digital releases? Are there any exclusive deals that may be available to someone with your talent level and in your area? A good music consultant can have the connections you need.

Creative Process

This is where music consultants with musical skills will really come in handy. A consultant should be able to give you great constructive criticism on your talent level and the way you create your music. They can point you in the direction of appropriate lessons if there is room for improvement in some areas. They can let you know which songs will work best for a single vs. which will be great deep cuts for an album. 


Music consultants often know the most effective and reliable forms of promotion and marketing for music artists. They can help with PPC advertising, display ads, email marketing, social media marketing, venue suggestions, competitions, collaborations, and so much more. A good consultant will help you bypass all the scams you may come across in the music world; there are so many!


A music consultant can also point you in the right direction of where to find entertainment lawyers to look over contracts, how to copyright your music, how to register songs for royalty collection, and similar aspects of your music career that deal with money. Some music consultants can offer you these services directly, depending on their business background. 

Music Consultants Vs. Music Managers

Music managers and music consultants often offer artists and bands the same services. They both can help you excel in your music career, make more money, and gain new fans. The key difference here is in how involved the person is with your music career. While a music consultant is more like a mentor that you go to for advice, a music manager will actively secure performance and promotion opportunities for you. A music consultant will give you their power of knowledge, while a manager can give you the power of knowledge and action on your behalf. 

You may find that many music consultant companies also offer music management services and vice versa. A music manager and a music consultant often have the same skill set; it really just boils down to how involved they are willing to get with their artist or band's career choices. If you want more guidance than management, go for a consultant first. 

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