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Music Managers Looking For Talent

5 Music Managers Looking For Talent

CSP Music Group - This popular music management company is currently looking for up-and-coming artists to work with. They offer a wide range of services that include marketing and distribution as well for artists that aren't looking to be signed by a label. 

Music Gateway - This company offers combined music management and artist development services that have benefitted many indie acts in the recent past. Instead of taking a percentage of income, they charge by the package, which may or may not be appealing depending on your budget. 

Persistent Management - Focusing only on management, this company has a very eclectic roster and is looking for established acts in a variety of different genres. 

Nimble Slick - Mostly focusing on bands, this company offers management and booking agent services for indie acts and has been doing good business for over 40 years. They accept all genres just in case you want them to at least give you a listen. 

Arrow Music Agency - Looking for styles like pop, electronic, and rock, this company is currently accepting unsolicited submissions from indie acts in need of management and promotion assistance. 

Music Managers - What Do They Do?

Think you're ready for a manager? When you hire a music manager or management company, you are hiring a personal assistant for all of your music brand-related needs. Music managers help guide you through the process of making marketing decisions, getting gigs, making artist development decisions, and much more.

Music managers (ideally) have a huge amount of music business experience and networking connections that will help expand your career and reach. These people know exactly what it takes to make your long-term music career plan a success. They are interested in signing unknown talent that has a very marketable sound.

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The Difference Between Music Managers and Booking Agents

Similarly, booking agents are also entities in the music industry that are well-versed in the business with a ton of connections that can get your music out there. The major difference between an artist or band manager and a booking agent is that the agent solely gets you gigs.

Booking agents aren't as invested in your overall image and career as a manager would be. Sometimes, managers take the job of connecting with booking agents on your behalf. If you are the type of musician/artist that know's their stuff and would rather have limited help, hiring a booking agent alone may be more ideal. 

Can You Afford A Music Manager?

Managers typically charge between 15 and 20 percent of the artist's earnings using a commission-only model. This is very beneficial to artists and bands that don't have a huge budget to spend on marketing and promotion methods. Artists will only have to spend money after the manager has already gotten them opportunities and connections.

This payment model also makes it more difficult to secure a manager as they rarely take risks on artists and bands that aren't exceptional or full of amazing potential. Managers will only deal with clients that they know can secure a ton of gigs/opportunities and do well in these avenues. If you don't already have a history of successful performances and projects, you may want to get more experience first.  


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