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Music Blogs To Submit To (With A 75% Chance Of Being Featured)

Music Blogs To Submit To

The possibility of getting featured on a music site is very exciting. Chances are, you've come across a few sites that say they accept submissions from independent artists, and you sent them your music.

Did you hear back? Did you get the feature?

Sometimes when you're really good, you've sent a great submission. The reviewer saw your email, liked your work, and decided to feature you on their site. It's such a joy!

But the problem is that all of those steps rarely fall into place. Most submissions don't get to the point of being denied; they don't even get seen. 

The good news is that there are several sites out there that prioritize checking, reviewing, and posting independent artists that have new music.

Some sites are pretty well-known, while others have very small but loyal readers that may find interest in your new tunes. These types of blogs are awesome, but they come with some drawbacks that I want to discuss. 

Pros Of Getting Near-Guaranteed Features 

Get A Positive Music Review

When you submit to a site that is focused on reviewing nearly all of the submissions they get, they are likely really good at pointing out your strong points.

The review will brighten your mood and look great featured on a professional site. Not only are you getting a new listener, but you are getting positive, targeted feedback on your hard work. 


Get Google Content For Your Brand

You can become more discoverable through Google when you get featured on blogs and other websites.

When people Google your name, they will be impressed that your music profiles, reviews, interviews, and similar content all pop up. This looks amazing for your brand as a music artist!

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Get Press You Can Feature On Your Site

If you have a website, you can link to your featured posts on these sites in your press and media mention sections.

This will also be a great look for your brand and allow your fans to find more details on your song releases. If you do interviews for blogs like these, you will be able to connect with your fans and let them get to know who you are. 

A Chance To Get Heard

You will definitely be heard by the people reviewing and posting your new music on their website. You also get a chance to be heard by their blog readers and visitors to their website.

Some small music blogs get up to 10,000 views a month, while bigger blogs get up to 500,000+ visitors that can potentially check out your music. 


Extra Push To Promote And Get Others To Listen

When you're releasing a song, you'll likely put out a post to your social networks, website, and email list that it is out and available for streaming. While some people may see that post, others will miss it, or may not be inclined enough to check it out.

But when you promote the fact that it was featured on this site, that site, this radio station, that channel, etc., with links and all, it's almost automatically going to get you more visibility, even if it's from just your network alone.

Every time you get featured, share it with your network! Not to mention the social shares that can get it on other timelines as well!

Cons Of Getting Near-Guaranteed Features 

The Cost Of This Method

These feature opportunities will include a fee. The fee will guarantee that your work will be heard, and if they accept what they hear, you are also paying for the post and the potential exposure.

In comparison to submitting to blogs for free, this method will get you much more visible results but can cost a lot if you plan to submit to dozens of these sites. The average costs range from $5 to $50 per feature. 

This is a great price point compared to music PR packages that may require you to have a budget of at least $500. 

The Low Exposure Of This Method

While you will be heard, it's no guarantee how many people will actually hear you. Blogs like this like to advertise that they can get at least 10,000 page views per month, but how the numbers break down is not the way most would expect.

If a blog gets about 10,000 views a month, your particular blog may only be getting 50-100 views. Less than half of 50-100 people seeing your blog will actually play your music.

In comparison to other methods of marketing, getting blog features does not stand up to methods like PPC advertising or getting featured in a playlist or popular YouTube channel.

For example, a pretty YouTube channel promoting new EDM music could get you 1000-5000 views, while a petty popular blog that posts a review on your latest release would really only get you 50-100 views. 

The Biased Feedback From This Method 

While it is great to get positive feedback on your music that will point out your strengths, this will not be the type of feedback that is constructive criticism.

When you pay to get featured on a blog, 90% of the time, they will not say a thing bad about you. Some outlets may tastefully throw in a suggestion or two, but the feedback is not likely to help you grow in areas you lack. 

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Popular Near-Guaranteed Music Blogs

Stereo Stickman

Here's a site that offers great music reviews to artists and bands looking to get featured on a good-looking blog that features many genres of music.

They have a few different packages depending on how long you want the review to be. They also feature you on their social media accounts, where they have over 40,000 music lovers' followers. 

The Static Dive

This music blog has an audience of over 20,000 music lovers that appreciate songs in all genres!

They will also promote you with different packages depending on how long you want your post to be and how much music you are promoting. They can also promote you on their social media accounts as well. 

Vintage Media

Here's a dope site that focuses on hip-hop and R&B new music releases. They claim to have over 500,000 blog views and have featured thousands of independent artists over the years.

This site doesn't give a review but will feature your latest song, video, or album to their audience on their blog and their social media accounts that have a large following.

Nova Music Blog

This blog takes time to listen to and review their music submissions with journalistic pizazz. You can get different packages depending on how far in-depth they want to go with your music review.

You can tell that the owner of this blog is a musician themselves with the way they give such informed reviews to the bands and artists that submit material. 

Sleeping Bag Studios

And last but not least, another established site gives well-thought-out and in-depth reviews with multiple package options depending on how long you want it to be.

The owner also throws in a healthy amount of honesty in his reviews if you're looking for someone who won't kiss up to you just because you paid them! 

Tips On Getting Featured

It's pretty hard to get denied from these sites if you make decent music, but it still happens from time to time! Be sure that you are sending music to an outlet that covers your genre to avoid getting denied.

Some blog owners will request that you send them your music beforehand to ensure that it is quality and in a genre they can accept. 

You also want to ensure that you have the right material to get featured. If you don't have a bio or good pictures, for example, you may find that a blog owner will not feel comfortable featuring you on their site.

When submitting to these types of companies, make sure that you send them more than enough information for them to work with. This can include your bio, a press release, photos, videos, social media links, music links, and your official website. 

Don't forget to be kind and communicate respectfully with these bloggers! It may seem weird to be paying someone for this type of service, but they are still human, and you can possibly build a relationship with them.

Some reviewers that I have sent music to were so happy that I was pleasant through the buying experience and liked my music so much that they gave me extra promo!

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