5 Great Music PR Opportunities For Independent Artists Monday August 22 2022, 11:45 PM
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5 Great Music PR Opportunities For Independent Artists

What Is Music PR?

Are you in need of marketing in the form of PR? Chances are, it can benefit you as a music artist in ways you've never thought of. Many artists don't really understand what PR entails, so I want to briefly go over how PR has helped my music career and several others I've seen. 

PR stands for public relations, and it is a form of promotion that gets eyes on your content in the form of news, press, and similar media outlets.

Some artists and bands choose to work on this process without the help of any company, while more established music acts may hire a professional PR company or publicist to hunt for press opportunities on their behalf. PR aims to get your name and music out to an audience that has never heard or seen you before. 

How Music PR Differs From Other Marketing

You may be thinking, isn't getting your name out the goal of marketing and promotional campaigns in the music industry? What makes PR different from anything else? Public relations is indeed only a part of the overall marketing and promotional plan that all musicians should strive to have, but it is unique in its own way.

PR doesn't mean trying to get spins on the radio, trying to land a popular Spotify playlist, or running a paid Facebook ad to promote your latest release. These are all marketing methods, but they don't really fall under the umbrella of public relations. 

PR is traditionally thought to be the process of keeping a famous person in touch with the public in a professional manner. Think public displays like interviews and In the matter of independent artists like you and I, we are likely not famous and are trying to get a message to a general public that does not know about us at all, but it still counts!

When addressing the audience we have, the best form of PR we can access is simply through our social media accounts, where we can announce our releases and keep our fans up-to-date with the new and exciting happenings of our music brands. But great PR goes far beyond social media followings and can get you tons of new fans. 

5 Types Of Effective Music PR 

Local News

Local news can be an awesome way to get coverage for your music brand. Between news channels and radio stations that spotlight what's happening in a community, musicians can often submit their news or releases to their community outlets and have a chance at getting published.

Many community news stations and channels take pride in covering local creative artists, especially in the music niche. While international outlets have several thousands of musicians submitting for a chance to get featured, local news outlets are not as competitive and favor their own. 

Podcasts And Shows

A quick Google search can help you discover several different music-focused podcasts and shows that may even cover your genre in particular. Podcasters are always on the hunt for creators to feature for their shows, and ArtistFirst is one in particular that has featured hundreds of musicians on their show.

You can get publicity through their network and even provide your own fans with great content that will help connect them with your brand and mission as an artist. 

Music Blogs

Music blogs used to be all the rage for breaking new artists a decade ago, but streaming has changed the game in the last few years.

Still, many popular blogs and online magazines have a consistent audience of music lovers and accept submissions for promotional posts and interviews. This is another great way to get in front of a new audience and get your current audience more in tune with your brand. 

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Press Release Services

While this is another good way to get publicity, there are almost too many press release services out there that claim to be able to get musicians in front of a new audience. I suggest you dive deeply into this option and ensure you aren't submitting to a service that won't benefit you in any way.

There are some free press release sites, including Music News and Musical America, that have gotten me a few hundred views and helped my Google presence look more professional. 


Winning a music contest is obviously great for the competitiveness and the prizes, of course, but you can also get a good amount of press opportunity from a contest if it's established enough.

Winning or placing in a contest like the JLSC is a really nice way to attract the ears of many folks in the music industry that can help further your career. To combine two opportunities into one, try winning in a contest and then submitting the story to your local news source to get double the exposure! 

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