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9 Ways To Know If Your Song Is Actually Good

Is Your Song Good?

You've completed a song, and you're as proud as ever. You have a special relationship with this song because it's your baby, and parents tend to think that their babies are beautiful no matter what because of the love, sacrifice, and time that went into the process of making that baby.

But is your baby actually beautiful? Or do you have a filter over your ears that does not reflect the truth of your song?

Music is one of the most subjective forms of art. What some people love, other people hate. While a lot of popular songs and artists can grind someone's gears, music lovers tend to know when a song is of good quality or not.

While all songs are beautiful in their own way, there can be a huge gap between a bad song you hear on the radio and a bad song you've made in the basement. So how will you be able to tell if your song is good?

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Try A Play For Play Site

While asking a few music lovers in your circle is a decent way to get a good opinion, finding someone who loves and has experience with creating music is better.

Your music-making friend will be able to give you insight into your melody, lyrics, instrumentation, and more.

But what about other music makers that need the same from someone like you? Repost Exchange has a play-for-play system where you can get likes and feedback for free. 


Place Your Song In A Good Playlist

If you regularly listen to music from more established artists that fit in line with the style you were going for with your song, try sticking it in a playlist of similar songs and playing it for yourself to see how well your song blends in.

Does the song structure fit along with the songs from the more popular artists? Does the mixing and mastering quality match well, or does your song sound like it doesn't belong? Become your own critic!

Pay For Advertising 

By paying for advertising, you could try to get a feel for how strangers will react to your music. You could put a post on your Facebook fan page and pay to boost it to a targeted audience of people who like your genre of music.

This way, you'll be able to get a more objective opinion without anyone worrying about hurting your feelings. The obvious downsides to this are that you will be spending money and trying to learn how to put out an ad the right way, which can be time-consuming. 

Manually Ask Strangers On Social Media

This method is like paying for advertising, but you will be doing this for free manually. Warning, it is only for the bold and somewhat desperate.

Try to reach out to groups of people or search results that are talking about your genre and tweeting or posting that they're looking for something new.

You will be nicely asking them to take a chance on you and give you feedback. But be warned, they are likely to not respond or respond with no tact since they don't know you. 


Submit Your Song To Promotional Outlets

This is a way that will take some time, money, or both. You will want to do a PR campaign for your song and send it to playlists, blogs, channels, podcasts, and similar places that are looking for new music to promote.

You may pay to have this service done for you or DIY, but either way, you are in for some music reviews.

One drawback to this method is that you have to submit to hundreds to even get a dozen people to listen to you. Some will listen and not give you feedback or promotion at all. 

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Play Your Song Over A Few Months

Sure, you really love your song now that you've just finished it or just released it, but how much will you love it months from now after you've heard it for the 564th time?

Most people get annoyed with any song being played over and over, and you tend to get in tune with the flaws the more you hear something.

After playing it for months, do you find that you're tired of it, but it's still a hit, or that you never want to hear it again because it's terrible and you don't know what you ever liked it? I've had both experiences before. 


Consider How Many Songs You've Written

Is this one of the first songs you've ever written? If so, first of all, congratulations! Your first few songs are really some of the most vital songwriting moments in your career!

But to be frank, your first few songs may have a lot of potential and not enough experience behind them. Write ten more. Then write 50 more after that.

You'll be amazed at how much growth can come to you after writing a few dozen songs over time. Don't rush it, though!

Enter A Song Contest 

Here's a way that may come with prizes and cash if you actually have a really good song on your hands. Look for song contests that rely on judges and not on votes from your friends and family.

This method will be tricky for telling you whether your song is really good, good, or below that, but it can help you identify if you have an absolute hit on your hands that can beat hundreds or even thousands of other songs. 

Get A Professional Song Critique

Get objectivity, helpful feedback, and musical expertise all in the same place with a song critique service.

While this method may not bring you cash or huge promotion opportunities, it can help you get the most out of feedback for your song and future releases in-store.

I'd love to hear your latest songs and provide you with detailed and constructive feedback. Send me your song if you would like to get a professional opinion on your song specific to your technique, interpretation, audio quality, and more!

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