5 Music Producers For Hire Who Make Custom Hip Hop & R&B Beats Monday June 6 2022, 7:30 PM
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5 Music Producers For Hire Who Make Custom Hip Hop & R&B Beats

Music Producers For Hire

Looking for a custom beat for your upcoming hip-hop or R&B song release can be a drag.

First, you have to come up with an idea for the song. Then you have to search through hundreds of producers that are making beats similar to your idea.

After that, you have to see which beat maker is selling beats that fit your budget. On top of that, you have to decide if you want to buy a non-exclusive or an exclusive beat.

Some beats you think would work aren't even available to use anymore. It's a headache!

You may be thinking, "Custom-made beats are dope, but who has hundreds or thousands of dollars to get a producer to make that for me?"

The good news is that hundreds of producers out there make tons of beats all the time and don't mind making custom ones for your project at a very affordable price.

Custom beat producers also give you a variety of available options for downloading, usage, and rights


Custom Beats Vs. Premade Beats

Premade beats can be great, but you often have to tweak your idea to what the beat does.

A lot of premade beats aren't the ones where you can play around with the song structure and add bars here or take bars out there. Once you buy a premade beat, you may have to change your ideas to make the song work. 

Custom Beats Vs. Non-Exclusive Beats 

Many premade beats are also non-exclusive, meaning the producer can give that beat to another artist to use.

This takes away from the uniqueness of your brand image when you release an "original" song that other artists are releasing as their own as well. It doesn't have the same novelty of hopping on a popular beat to add your own flavor to a remix. 


Custom Beats Vs. Self-Made Beats 

You might have a bit of talent for creating instrumentals yourself. This is the case for me as a singer and songwriter! I like to dabble in making R&B tunes from MIDI and sample sounds, where many of them turn out to be nice.

But if you're like me and can't always come up with a beat that matches your idea like you can with lyrics or a melody, consider getting another producer to give you a custom beat idea.

Since this beat will likely be all yours with exclusive rights, you can use that idea to create something of your own by remaking it or building on it. 

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Affordable Producers Making Custom Beats

You can find producers on many sites, including Youtube, Beatstars, and Fiverr, where they advertise their tracks to other artists looking for potential hit songs.

The good thing about sites like these is that you can hear plenty of samples of their previous work and read detailed reviews on how it is to work with them for your songs. 

I do session work on Fiverr as well, so I thought it would be a great idea to check out one of my fellow musicians over there that focus on beats while I focus on singing and songwriting.

I found many talented producers for crazy low prices, which shocked me! You might want to hop on this chance before the prices start to go up. 

Underwood Beats

Are you on the hunt for some chill and Lofi tracks? Here's a producer that is making hit smooth songs by the bundle. You have the option of getting one song from him, or you can get up to 30.

All of his beat packages include exclusive rights, so you won't have to worry about the possibility of sharing your track with another artist. 


Check out some of his samples if you're looking for a producer that can do hip-hop, trap, rap, or R&B.

This producer gives you the option to buy exclusive or non-exclusive, where the non-exclusive is dirt cheap, so it still can be very much worth it, depending on what your needs are. He also has an option where you can get all the stems.

Tyler Beats

Check out this producer if you're looking for an extremely high-quality sound that is still affordable. He can make you a great rap beat in under 48 hours with guaranteed exclusive rights.

You also have the option to get high-quality stems from this producer as well! 

Adize Suara

Are you looking to put some African flavor into your next song release? Check out this producer that specializes in afrobeat, afro-soul, afro house, and similar genres of music.

He offers exclusive and non-exclusive beats that can perfectly fit your song idea. You can also get the stems tracked out on his highest package offer. 

Jayy66 Beats

Here's a top-rated producer specializing in hip-hop, trap, and custom-made drill beats. All his package options come with exclusive rights for artists who want beats made for only them.

He can also give you track stems and get your track done in under 48 hours!

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Tips For Hiring A Music Producer 

Identify Your Musical Vision

Before searching for a music producer, clearly understand your project's style, genre, and overall vision. Knowing what you want to achieve musically will help you find a producer whose skills and expertise align with your goals.

Research and Listen to Samples

Take the time to research different music producers and listen to samples of their previous work. This will give you an idea of their production style, quality of sound, and ability to create beats or tracks that resonate with you.

Look for producers who have experience in your desired genre or have produced music similar to your vision.


Check for Collaboration Compatibility

When hiring a music producer, finding someone with whom you can collaborate effectively is essential. Reach out to potential producers and have conversations to gauge their communication style, willingness to understand your ideas, and ability to bring your vision to life.

A good producer will be open to your input while providing their expertise and creative input to enhance the final product.

Consider Budget and Licensing Options

Determine your budget for hiring a music producer and explore the pricing options available. Some producers offer custom beats at affordable rates, while others may charge more for exclusive rights or additional services like track stems.

Assess what you can afford and find a producer who offers suitable pricing options without compromising the quality of their work.

Read Reviews and Seek Recommendations

Look for reviews or testimonials from other artists who have worked with the music producers you're considering. Their feedback can give you insights into the producer's professionalism, work ethic, and ability to deliver high-quality results.

Additionally, seek recommendations from fellow musicians or industry professionals with experience working with producers in your genre.

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