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What Does A "Type Beat" Mean?

Type Beat Meaning

Type beats are instrumentals that remind you of a more popular artist's style for an instrumental that they write and perform with. The phrase "type beat" is just a shortened way to say "type of beat".

For example, as a producer, you can try to create a Drake type of beat and add a lot of elements to your instrumentation that sound similar to the style of song that Drake would make. 

Type Beats are a great way for artists to find a particular sound in a beat that would fit what they are looking for in their process of making a new song.

Browsing through type beats is a way to find targetted instrumentals without having to sift through potentially thousands of tracks that don't fit the mood you're going for.

Similar to typing in a keyword phrase into google to find an article you need, you can use any search engine and add a particular artist that will give you targeted results with many different artists who have beats available for you to use or buy. 

Creating "type beats" is a great way to market yourself as a producer looking to get exposure to artists who need instrumentals.

The better your quality and the more it accurately sounds like the artist you have referenced for your beat, the better your results will be when it comes to landing deals and sales in the music industry.

Independent and more established artists often browse through type beats to search for up-and-coming talent in the production side of the music world. 

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Type Beat Origins

Type beats are pretty restricted to the genres of hip hop, and R&B due to how many rappers and urban singers compose their songs in this modern musical time.

While many other genres rely on live instrumentation from bands, hip-hop, and R&B music have a huge market for music producers that are able to create high-quality instrumentals that rappers and singers can then craft their lyrics and melodies to. 

Type beats are often created by producers who have not yet created a big enough name for themselves and need to rely on the artist they are referencing to get marketing and exposure to their instrumentals.

Many small producers have been able to secure deals with major rappers and singers thanks to their exposure to publishing type beats on popular streaming sites.  

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Where's The Best Place To Find Type Beats? 

Type beats are most often found on streaming sites like Youtube and Soundcloud. Many producers will upload type beats for free download that artists can use to practice and freestyle without needing to worry about copyright or royalty claims.

Other producers are creating high-quality tracks available for rappers and singers to lease at a small amount, around $10-$50, or buy exclusively for a price closer to $200-500. 

Once you have found a decent producer on one of the major streaming platforms, they will most likely have a link to their website or beat store through a host like Beatstars or Airbit, where many creatives sell their original beats.

For higher quality beats than the free ones you may find on Youtube, I recommend going directly to the search engine on a site like Beatstars to browse through their recommended producers that have made a lot of sales in the past. 

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Are Type Beats Legal?

Type beats are generally legal, but producers need to be careful when it comes to creating instrumentation similar to a song from a popular artist already.

Some producers run the risk of creating a song that is way too similar to a very particular song that is out already, and that is where they may fall into legal trouble.

There is often a fine line between being inspired by something musically and stealing a song outright while making a few adjustments. When determining whether or not someone has stolen your work and infringed on your copyright, the courts use a test known as "substantial similarity" to see if it's worth suing over.

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