How Much Do Rappers Like Drake Charge For A Feature? Sunday August 14 2022, 7:45 PM
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How Much Do Rappers Like Drake Charge For A Feature?

How Much Does It Cost For Features?

Getting a rapper or other featured artist on your next song will probably cost you, but how much exactly? As you can imagine, big names will cost you more, and lesser-known names will be much more affordable.

Some rappers may not even allow just anyone to pay, while others will hop on a song for free without a care.

Well-known artists may be willing to work with a no-name, but there will likely be a long process with their agents and little to no contact with them directly. 

You would think that these types of business dealings are more hush-hush, but in the modern music world, especially in the world of hip-hop, rappers make a significant amount of money from doing features with smaller artists and charging a pretty penny.

These artists wouldn't be ashamed of the money they make for features and are likely to boast about it in a song, which might actually give you a real chance at making your dream collab a reality. 

As you start to understand what other artists charge, you can also begin to make plans for how you may want to charge people for features.

You want your prices to make sense to your potential clients so that you can close deals and not hit them with numbers that don't make sense. 

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How Much Do Major Artists Like Drake Charge?

There's a rumor that Drake charges over $1 million for a feature, which is a ton but not surprising.

With this type of pricing, only the rich and fairly connected would be willing to put up the money for it anyway, so it's not like he would have to risk working with a "nobody" for it.

Rumor also has it that rapper Eminem charges $3 million per feature. A-lister rapper Jay-z stated in an interview with Kevin Hart's "Hart to Heart" that he doesn't charge anything for a feature.

In some cases, fees can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

It's important to note that specific figures are often not publicly disclosed, and negotiations between artists and their management teams are typically kept private.

How Much Does An Up-And-Coming Rapper Charge For A Feature?

Rappers who just blew up like Lil Baby would be more affordable, but still not affordable for most regular folks. A couple of years ago on Twitter, rapper Lil Baby shared that he feels like he made it to the point where he wouldn't take anything less than $100k for a feature. 

According to Youtuber Patrick Cc, you can see the price change in real-time with up-and-coming artists like Roddy Rich, who first was charging $25k for a verse.

Now, Roddy says that $100k wouldn't even be enough to get him on a track. 

It's always best to consult with industry professionals or contact the management teams of specific rap celebrities to inquire about their current rates and availability for song features.


How Much Do Beginner Rappers Charge For Features?

Rapper Polo G, who now would probably charge at least $200k for a feature, tweeted that he remembers a time when he was only making $200 per feature.

That's a more realistic average that you'll find among beginners, but they would have to be the type of beginners that have a growing brand.

For someone who literally just started and doesn't have a fan base, they probably wouldn't charge you anything. Someone who barely has an audience but has a great deal of talent may charge around $100. 

How Much Should YOU Charge For A Feature?

Chances are, you're a beginner rapper and lyric writer with either a very small audience or no audience at all. Depending on your level of talent, you may be able to successfully get business with the price of anywhere from $50-$200.

For collaborations where both parties will benefit, you're probably better off doing a feature for free.

Take into account your level of experience, including the number of songs you have released, your fan base, and any notable achievements or collaborations you may have.

You will definitely want to consider free features if the song will really bring you more ears and eyes to your brand as a music artist. You also may want to do it just for the love of music! 

As a newbie rapper, it's often advisable to start with more affordable rates initially. This allows you to establish yourself, gain experience, and build a portfolio of collaborations.

Over time, as you gain recognition and demand increases, you can consider adjusting your fees accordingly.

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