How To Sell Beats Online - 15 Effective Methods Thursday April 7 2022, 3:00 PM
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How To Sell Beats Online - 15 Effective Methods

How To Sell Beats

You put your blood, sweat, and tears into your beats. You made them with love, and you know so many artists will benefit from using your music.

You are confident that the masses will love your instrumentation, and you will slowly rise to the top as one of the best producers out there, making it big time.

But how will you get people to hear these amazing beats? You need to get a beat store to advertise and drive traffic to. 

If you don't already have a beat store, check the bottom of the post for my recommendation (Airbit is one of the top sites that producers use.)

So many producers have a beat store but aren't doing much of anything to get traffic to that store. Some are making an effort but are going about it wrong and doing more harm than good while wasting time.

Only a small few producers know and utilize effective methods of getting traffic to a beat store. Let me share with you a few ways that can work for you!

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Email Marketing

Collect emails from your friends, family members, old clients, and potential new clients that would be interested in hearing new beats you will make in the future.

This way, whenever you release new work, you can simply send out an email blast to hundreds of thousands of people that will see your message.

This is different from social media posts, where the home page is often tailored to not show all your friends your content. 


Social Media Outreach 

Social media can be effective when you are tagging someone or having a one-on-one conversation.

A lot of artists and producers are adopting the method of spamming random people and threads with their latest song, but why not try a less aggressive and more effective approach?

Search for threads, phrases, and groups where people are actually looking for producers. Try to build relationships by supporting them, and then some will return the favor. 


Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your website more visibility through search engines like Google and Bing.

If you have the skill or budget, you can start to rank your website for terms people use to search, like "slow R&B for sale" and get traffic to your site daily.

Do note that this is a complex method that involves putting in a lot of time and/or money, but it's very much worth it in the long run! 

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Type-Beat Marketing

Youtube is a good place to find "type beats" where producers upload songs that sound similar to a popular artist's style.

Many up-and-coming producers have gained traction and fans by consistently uploading good-type beats. They often get subscribers and link their website to where listeners can download or buy their beats. 


Music Forums 

Forums aren't as big as they used to be, but they still provide a free and pretty easy way to build relationships in the music world.

Music forums like Future Producers have helped me build connections with artists and producers who wound up visiting my beat store and giving feedback on my work.

If I worked at being more consistent on the forum, I might have been able to get a few sales out of the process as well. 

Email Signature

If you regularly communicate with a lot of people via email, it will be a good idea to put your website link in your email signature. This will be especially effective for producers who regularly send beat submissions to artists open to listening to their work.

While some producers don't have a site and can only provide an audio file, you will be able to get a visitor and possibly even a subscriber to your email newsletter or a beat sale. 

Video Content Marketing 

If you find that you excel in giving people tips on making music, marketing, performing, songwriting, or something similar, consider starting a channel dedicated to posting helpful updates.

You can build a large amount of traffic to your helpful content and then tell people to check out your beat store, where some fans of your content might become fans of your original material as well. 

Blog Marketing

Similar to video marketing, you can start a blog that will help or intrigue people enough to build a consistent audience over time. Once you have built a blog with a large audience, you will be able to advertise your beat store on the site anywhere you want and even include it in your email blasts. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have helped many small businesses get leads and website traffic. You can either take a stab at setting it up yourself or get a Facebook ad expert to help you set up a campaign.

Both ways require a good budget, so this method won't do you much good if you have very little or no money to test out different Facebook ads. 

Youtube Ads

YouTube ads are good for musicians, especially if you're a producer with many of your beats uploaded on YouTube already.

You can drive traffic to your site or to another Youtube video. You can target your audience by choosing people that are already cruising for music. These would work extremely well in combination with "type beat" marketing. 


RepostExchange is a new marketing tool that artists and producers who upload their songs to Soundcloud can use.

As a producer, you can upload your beats with your site link visibly listed and get tons of listens from artists in your same genre who may be interested in your sound and visit your site. 

Google Adwords

Like Facebook and Youtube ads, you can get in front of an audience searching for music terms.

This is also similar to SEO but shows you sponsored results you often see when searching instead of the other organic search results you will see. This also requires a large budget but does not take as long as SEO when it comes to seeing results. 

BuySell Ads

Buy Sell Ads is a network that allows advertisers to find sites in their niche and buy ad space on their site to get targeted traffic in return.

Musicians have seen positive results from using banner ads to promote their music on relevant music blogs and magazines. This method also requires a large budget and heavily relies on you having an ad that can grab someone's attention. 

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Promotional Channels 

Promotional channels on sites like Youtube and Soundcloud often have millions of subscribers that are just waiting to hear new good music.

It is obviously a big challenge to get placed in popular channels like these, but if you find yourself receiving major compliments from other musicians and think you are at the top of your game, try to put in a submission to a channel like MrSuicideSheep.

In-Person Marketing 

The real world is still a great place for marketing! Showing up to events like talent shows and music conventions with a good business card is still an effective way to get traffic to your website as a music maker.

The key to this is to be very personable and offer something enticing to make the person want to check your work out after you've handed them your card. 

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