Is The BELTBOX Really Worth It For Singers? Wednesday June 15 2022, 8:39 AM
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Is The BELTBOX Really Worth It For Singers?

What Is The BELTBOX?

Are you looking for a way to dampen the sound of your loud singing as you practice? Or are you looking for something to scream in when you've had a long day? The BELTBOX is a product that was made just for people like you and me.

The only thing is, it's the only product of its kind that is out right now, which comes with pros and cons. I love the idea of the product and hope to see other releases that build on what it currently offers.

Let's start with some of the positives when it comes to this product because it isn't all bad! 

Pros Of Using The BELTBOX

The Sound Is Successfully Dampened

The BELTBOX really does lessen the amount of sound that is coming out and possibly bothering others. This is the product's main function, and it delivers as promised, dampening the sound up to 30db.

It also doesn't muffle your sound so much that it makes you sound weird like bane or anything, so you will still be able to hear yourself pretty well. 

The Product Is Simple To Use

It's a straightforward product with a strap if you want to sing or speak loudly while you have both hands free. There's no need to set anything up, and it comes with a carrying bag. It's also waterproof if you want to get loud in the shower or a pool area. 

The Price Point Is Affordable

When you consider what you are really trying to do, which is create a practice space where you can get louder than normal, it's good for the price.

Soundproof rooms and recording studios can cost you thousands of dollars, while this price is currently around $50 bucks on Amazon. If you find that you are able to get benefits from using this regularly, it is well worth our money.  

BELTBOX: Vocal Dampener for Singers, Actors, Performers, Stress Relief. A Portable Warm-Up Room.

  • Take The Warm-Up Room With You!
  • Reduces User Sound By Up To 30 dB.
  • Includes Removable Strap For Hands-Free Use.
  • Product Is Waterproof For Easy Cleaning And Use In The Shower.
  • Includes Cloth Carrying Bag.

Cons Of Using The BELTBOX

The Sound Isn't Dampened Enough

You're probably singing in a living area where you don't want to disturb those who live around you. If you're singing especially loud, as many singers have to, 30db isn't enough to lessen the sound.

30db is about as loud as the sound of a whisper, so deducting a whisper amount from a very loud belt will not stop you from being heard. It's more like the difference between a loud and semi-loud voice. 

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Hard To Sing Long Vowels

Because of the way this product fits over your face, you will be restricted by the number of facial movements you can comfortably make. This will especially be hard for singers who are going after long vowels.

While it does limit your movements and can cause tension, it is still not the end of the world in some instances, and you can still sing comfortably enough. 

Does Not Have Different Sizing

For those with large or small faces, you may have a problem with the lack of sizing variety featured with this product.

I would have thought they'd come in at least three sizes, but there seems to be the only one available for all face sizes. As you can imagine, there are a few complaints. 

Hard To Breathe With

As to be expected with a face mask, it can be hard to breathe in this thing. It will be an adjustment process that some people can make it through, while others will want to give up and write the product off as a waste.

Your ability to breathe in it will also be affected by the size of your face since there is only one size. 

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Other Ways To Dampen Your Sound

Sing Into A Pillow

If you're looking for the cheapest alternative, try singing, speaking, or yelling into your pillow. You will face some of the same problems, with breathing as the main one, but everyone's got a pillow, and pillows can also technically dampen your sound.

It won't give you as much space as the BELTBOX can, but it's worth considering if you just want to let out a scream.

Use A Portable Sound Booth

This is an option for those who have a large budget for this sort of thing. Remember how I mentioned that getting a soundproof room or practice space will cost you thousands of dollars?

You also have the option to spend right around $500 - $1000 if you consider buying a portable vocal booth. Amazon has a pretty sweet sound isolation booth for around $500 that I've been eying. 

Practice In Your Car

If you have the option, consider practicing in your car more often. Most people love letting their voices free in their cars and singing to the top of their lungs, even if they don't have the voice for it.

While it may seem annoying to do, leaving an apartment or shared living space to sing in your car is still a better option than singing into a pillow or not singing at all. 

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