Musician Jobs: 6 Ways To Get Paid Realistically And Consistently Monday September 19 2022, 6:00 PM
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Musician Jobs: 6 Ways To Get Paid Realistically And Consistently

Real Musician Jobs

The music industry is such a huge and strange place. So many people in the world have musical talents and big dreams to become rich in this industry, but most people with those dreams will barely make $100 in their total career.

While there are several ways to make money within the music world, the truth is that realistic jobs won't make you rich. But if music is your passion, you can find success as a musician and make a consent income that will pay your bills as well. 

The jobs I will list below are positions that don't include general pay-per-gig types of work. I myself am a session musician, and I find that the money can be good, but it's hard to grow your own client base, and the money is not always consistent.

These jobs, on the other hand, can give you even more security. They also happen to be considered very rewarding experiences!

Music Teachers

The most common and steady job you can get as a musician is to become a teacher.

Teaching music can come in a variety of different forms; you can teach private lessons, teach at schools, or even create your own online courses and give lectures at music conventions.

Private lessons can be more of a challenge when it comes to getting steady work, but relying on a check from a school or university is always a great choice. Music education degrees are usually the prerequisite to being qualified. 

Church Musicians

If you're really good at playing the piano, organ, drums, bass, or guitar, you may be able to land a pretty consistent church gig at a variety of different denominations.

In some cases, you can be hired as a singer to perform in church choirs, depending on the type of music they perform and the budget for that particular church.

I have had the pleasure of being what is called an alto section leader, which has given me a steady monthly income for many years.

You may be able to land this position with some previous musical training that includes the ability to read music and excel at ear training. 


Music Therapists 

Many instrumentalists and singers elect to become therapists who help people rehabilitate with the art of music. Music therapists can work in hospitals, senior care homes, mental health clinics, and even correctional facilities.

The prerequisite for being qualified for a position like this includes some college education related to psychology, music history, and composition classes.

Many schools now offer music therapy degrees that will allow you to become a healthcare professional and a professional musician at the same time. 

Cruise Musicians 

Singers and instrumentalists are often hired by large cruise agencies to perform for set seasons on a cruise line.

This can be a very exciting and rewarding experience for musicians that want to perform, travel, receive consistent pay, and be exposed to new audiences each night.

It's a great way to gain experience in the performer's world and can often include other artistic talents, including acting and dancing. 


Music Directors 

Choir and instrument group directors can have very long and successful years conducting at a school or church community.

These leaders often have skills with at least one instrument and have a background in music education with classes that have trained them to conduct a large group of musicians.

This can be a great option for musicians who want freedom in their weekly schedule to work unique hours. 

Military Musicians 

Military positions often give opportunities to singers, instrumentalists, and music directors who are required to perform regular music duties as a part of their service to the country.

In the US, you can apply to become a member of the United States Marine Band, the United States Navy Band, and the United States Coast Guard Band. As you can imagine, the positions can be very competitive and hard to land!

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