Music Internships: 5 Types Of Companies To Consider Thursday August 25 2022, 4:45 PM
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Music Internships: 5 Types Of Companies To Consider

Music Internships

There a several different types of places you can go to get an amazing experience as an intern at a music company.

As the music world has grown within the digital age, so has the number of opportunities for young musicians looking for a chance to hone their skills.

The music industry is a vast place! Depending on your interests, you don't want to tie yourself to a corner of music when your passion lies in a different direction. 

You want to be involved with the type of company that will excite your particular interests.

If you're the type that loves live events, you don't have to feel like you can only get a job at a studio. If you want a chance to meet people in the industry, you wouldn't want to work at a summer music camp. 

Record Label Internships

The most common type of internship to get is one at a music label. At labels, you get a chance to see a lot of different moving parts that include recording, marketing, and artist development.

Labels are very well-rounded when it comes to the type of experience you will receive, and you can also make the types of connections that will get you decent-paying opportunities in the real world once you are done with your studies.

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Radio Internships

Radio show internships give you a good look at the world of music and communication at the same time.

Depending on the types of radio tasks you will be involved with, you can get involved with artist interviews, music submission reviews, and audio/visual experiences that will go a long way in the professional world.

Many radio interns quickly find a paying gig if they impress the important people in their environment. 

Music Licensing Internships 

Music licensing companies are very similar to music publishing companies.

A music publisher connects you to placement opportunities to get your original songs into the hands of popular artists and bands who are looking for songs to buy the rights to.

While some of these companies are quite small, larger companies like Music Bed have a team of professionals and periodically offer internships. These types of programs can also be work-from-home internships in some cases. 

Sync placements with music licensing companies are really taking over the music world these days.

Every day, I see a new music licensing company spring up, claiming to be able to connect their creators to placement opportunities that will get them a lot of exposure and revenue, which means that you may have a good shot at landing a spot here in comparison to a label. 


Non-Profit Internships 

Several different types of non-profits have a music focus and are looking for young music lovers to intern with them. Places, including music camps, community centers, and music arts museums, can be unique yet very fulfilling places to invest your time.

This type of program would work especially well with those considering a future in music education in comparison to a young musician who wants to break into show business. 

Non-profit internships can be seriously fulfilling for young artists looking to ignite the passion that they have for the art of music. It can also help educate those interested in fields like music therapy, where the connection to music can help them heal others. 

Theatre/Venue Internships

Music theatres like The Kennedy Center or The Kauffman Center often have highly sought-after internship programs for those who study music in the classical field.

Large pop music festival venues can also have interns, but it can be a bit challenging to pin down exactly which company to contact if you want to get involved.

Infamous PR is an example of a company that hires interns from time to time to work for music shows behind the scenes.

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