Gifts For Songwriters: 9 Great Ideas That Will Be Useful Wednesday September 21 2022, 8:30 PM
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Gifts For Songwriters: 9 Great Ideas That Will Be Useful

Best Gifts For Songwriters

As a songwriter and singer myself, I know how hit-and-miss the world of gift-giving can be when it comes to music-related items.

Some music gifts are way too cheesy, while others are cute but won't give you any real value after the sentiment is received. What types of gifts can songwriters really appreciate as well as make use of in their regular music-making habits?

It can be tough to shop for a musician when you aren't one yourself; so many suppliers will throw a music symbol on a product and think that's all it takes.

You want to get a little more heartfelt than that! If you're looking for the right gift for a songwriter, here are ten ideas that I think your loved one will be overjoyed to receive. 

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Lyrics In My Head Songwriting Book

Although many people type their lyrics instead of writing them these days, there's always a pull to pull out the old pen and pad from time to time as a songwriter.

If you gift a writer with this type of book that will appeal to any gender or age, I'm sure they'll appreciate it and actually write down some song ideas in it at least a few times.

Who knows, you might inspire them to do more writing by hand with this gift. 

Marshall Jack Key Rack

Songwriters who know their way around a guitar will easily be impressed by this simple yet very effective gift they can use for their keys!

This is a great choice for a gift that will actually be of use and throws a bit of music into the mix. If done right, this can be the type of gift that your songwriting loved one will make use of daily. 

Six Steps to Songwriting Success

Is this gift for a loved one that is closer to the beginning of their journey as a songwriter? Help them along the way by providing useful tips for finding success in the music world.

This is a pretty in-depth read for beginners in need of guidance on how to structure songs well. It also touches on the importance of promotion and publicity in the music industry. 

Ibanez Quick Access Multi-Tool

Here's another solid choice if your gift is for a songwriter whose main instrument focus is the guitar. It's the perfect mobile tool for easy guitar maintenance on the go.

This is the perfect choice for songwriters that are also instrumentalists and often on the move with shows and touring. 

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

All types of musicians and non-musicians alike can benefit from a quality pair of studio headphones when they want to hear some music with crisp quality. This is the type of higher-end gift that you can rarely go wrong with.

Even though most writers, singers, and instrumentalists have their favorite headphones already, no pair lasts forever, and it is a must to have good backups. I currently use these for my studio recording and songwriting. 

The Chord Wheel

This is a good idea to get in paperback format for beginner songwriters that use an instrument like the piano or guitar as they write their music.

Once you understand the foundations of chord structures, you will really get the jist of songwriting across nearly all different genres and styles of music. Music theory can be a big part of learning how to write music successfully! 

Mechanical Metronome

Keeping time and a steady beat will always be relevant and necessary for music makers, no matter what role they play in the creative process.

While many digital audio workstations like GarageBand and Protools have built-in metronomes like this, it's always a great choice to have a physical metronome as a songwriter. They can be great for decor as well!

Book of Rhymes for Creative Constipation 

All songwriters get a moment here and there where they have a brain fart. Songwriter's block is real, just not often as permanent as people make it out to be!

This book provides a fun, light, yet effective approach to writers that are in need of motivation and tips for rhymes in their lyrics. Your songwriting loved one will definitely be tempted to skim this one a few times, at the very least. 

Guitar Center Gift Card

Out of ideas, but still want to recognize them for their musical talents with your gift? A simple gift card to the most popular music store, Guitar Center, will be greatly appreciated.

This way, they may be able to get something more personalized to their specific needs, and you won't have to worry about the specifics of what they need and already have. 

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