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Uncle Kracker's Follow Me Meaning (Most Get It Wrong)

The Story Behind "Follow Me" By Uncle Kracker

"Follow Me" by Uncle Kracker is one of those timeless songs that can resonate with a ton of different people across the world. It was a worldwide hit in 2001 and charted in over five different countries until the year 2016 because of its lasting appeal.

The song gives off a lazy and positive vibe when you first hear it, but as the lyrics unfold in the verses, you soon realize that there's a dark message behind these chipper major chord progressions. Why does it sound so inviting and dangerous at the same time?

In an interview with MTV news the same year that the song was released, Uncle Kracker gave clues in the statement below about the story behind the track.

"The song takes on a couple of different meanings. I've heard some people think drugs or some people think I'm talking about cheating. I guess it's kinda both.

I would never want to say anything that would get me in trouble, being married with a couple of kids. That song is like a dirty picture painted with a pretty brush."


"Follow Me" By Uncle Kracker Lyrics 

The condensed lyrics in the songs are as follows, according to LyricFind:

You don't know how you met meYou don't know whyYou can't turn aroundAnd say goodbye

All you know is when I'm with youI make you freeAnd swim through your veinsLike a fish in the sea

I'm singin' follow meEverything is alrightI'll be the one to tuck you in at nightAnd if you want to leave, I can guaranteeYou won't find anybody else like me

I'm not worried'Bout the ring you wear'Cause as long as no one knowsThen nobody can care

You're feelin' guiltyAnd I'm well awareBut you don't look ashamedAnd baby, I'm not scared

Won't give you moneyI can't give you the skyYou're better off if you don't ask why

I'm not the reason that you go astrayWe'll be alrightIf you don't ask me to stay


"Follow Me" By Uncle Kracker Meaning 

With references to the narrator in the song "swimming through veins like a fish in the sea", and claiming that they are "not worried about the ring", the lyrics are giving off a few mixed signals, which causes a lot of confusion and arguments among the fans and critics of this song.

Is it about drugs and cheating, like Kracker said in the interview? Is there an even deeper hidden meaning that related to a specific problem that he faced in his personal life, and that's why he didn't want to go into detail about it?

Many listeners who faced a constant battle with drug addictions, particularly heroin, have spoken out about how strongly they feel that this song is about that very particular battle. 

Youtuber NSZN GAMING wrote the following in relation to how the song speaks to his personal journey:

"This song has been my go-to with the ups and downs of my sobriety. Now here I am, one year and three months sober from heroin. No subs, methadone, or rehab.

"I got my family back together, a home, and two vehicles.  Anyone struggling with sobriety, don't be afraid to reach out. Honestly, help is there."

But in a tweet response posted by Uncle Kracker himself in 2020, he stated that the song is not directly speaking about heroin addiction at all when a fan claimed that it was obviously about drugs.

The Broader Message Of "Follow Me"

Similar to the popular African American folk tune "House Of The Rising Sun", it seems that this song is generally speaking to many different vices that cause people to self-sabotage.

The narrator in this song is the actual vice, which makes these lyrics a bit more unique.

The narrator could be a drug, a bad romantic partner, a toxic friend or family member, or any addiction that lures you in with familiarity and a dangerous sense of ease that gives off a carefree feeling.

In the music video, you can see Uncle Kracker performing with a rather sluggish approach despite the seemingly loving words. 

Maybe he was so quick to turn down the idea that this song speaks specifically to drug addiction because he wants the lyrics to be relatable enough to anyone that is facing a temptation that is hard to let go of and move on from. 

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