20 Relatable Memes About Listening To Music Wednesday June 29 2022, 2:30 PM
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20 Relatable Memes About Listening To Music

Listening To Music Memes

We all know what it feels like to listen to some amazing music, no matter what age we are or where we come from.

There are tons of music-related memes in the world, but some of them stand out in terms of humor or relatability.

I often listen to some of my favorite jams and look for the perfect meme to share the moment with a friend or family member. 

There are a few different ways music can make you feel. Sometimes it's so bad that the reaction is hilarious. Sometimes the music is so good that you need to find a meme that perfectly shows how connected you're feeling to it.

Sometimes the music hits so hard that it gets you very emotional, and you want to express that with the perfect meme. Here's a collection of some of the best ones that I've come across!

Also, I recommend that you check out Adobe Express' Free Meme Generator if you have some ideas that you would like to get creative with for musical memes! The more good memes in the world, the better for us all.

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Funny Listening To Music Memes

Just because the music is tough doesn't mean I am.


It gets pretty serious when it comes to matching music to a post. 


When you're a musician, and you're promoting your own songs that you actually like, this is what you feel. It's hard not to be annoyed by your own songs after a while, though!


I know this one is corny, but it's a funny type of corny!

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This is what happens when you listen to music, and you have ADHD. 


This is what it's like when you have a killer ear for music with sight-reading skills. 

Screen Shot 20220629 at 11.28.50 PM.png

Listening To Great Music Memes

Who doesn't love listening to the same song over and over, and it never gets old?


When the music hits so hard that you don't care about your eardrums:


This is what you see when you hear great songs in great headphones. 


It's great to listen to music when you have a very active imagination. I've done this so many times. 


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Listening To Bad Music Memes

When someone refers you to a song that's trash, sending this might hurt their feelings, but it's also hilarious. 

Screen Shot 20220629 at 11.24.22 PM.png

Here's what it's like when you have to fake like you're listening to your friend's bad mixtape. 

Screen Shot 20220629 at 11.32.54 PM.png

The taste in music of people who browse Youtube is a bit questionable, to say the least. 

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Screen Shot 20220629 at 11.34.46 PM.png

The radio doesn't hit the same way that your playlists do. 


Crying And Listening To Music Memes

This is what it's like when the song hits you right in the soul. 


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We've all had a moment (or several) where the music took us down and out but in the right way. 


I'm glad I don't need to fall asleep to music because I can imagine how annoying this would be. 


Sometimes the music is such a hit that you have to cry to yourself calmly. 


This one isn't crying per see, but the lack of emotion is almost as strong as a cry here. 


This one hurts, but we've all been here in one way or another. It's probably not too late for you to find love!

Screen Shot 20220629 at 11.45.10 PM.png

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