57 Great Memes About Singing Tuesday July 12 2022, 3:45 PM
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57 Great Memes About Singing

Singing Memes 

We all know what it feels like to sing along to music, no matter what age we are, where we come from, or our skill level. There are tons of singing-related memes in the world, but some of them stand out in terms of humor or relatability.

I often sing along to some of my favorite jams and look for the perfect meme to share the moment with a friend or family member. 

There are a few different meme types when it comes to singing. Some focus on what it's like to badly sing along to some music.

Some are relatable memes that professional singers can all say they understand what it's like to be a performer in a certain scenario.

A lot of memes are simply cute and hilarious people or animals making intense faces while singing! Here's a collection of some of the best ones that I've come across!

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Bad Singing Memes

Here's what it's like to hear your voice played back on a video. 

filmed-singing-bad (1).jpg

Sometimes, you don't sound as good as you think you do when singing. 


Some people don't care if they sound terrible, and all the neighbors hear it. 


Not all your singing friends sound good. Most don't, actually. 


It can be hard to hide your facial expressions. 


How embarrassing would it be to know that ghosts are laughing at your voice?


Sometimes it's hating, but sometimes they just sound bad. 


You have to love your kid through this!


When your dog says, "It's a no for me, thanks". 

dogdontlikeyoursinging 1.jpg

Would you tell her or not?

carbadsinger 1.jpg

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Funny Singing Memes

Friend, this was a solo!


Who wouldn't want to see this in person?


This one is for my 90s kids out there that are just like me. 


This is another one that may go over a few youngin's heads. 

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You don't have to know it all, but you should know most of it. 


I look like this when my husband hits a really good run out of nowhere. 

goodrunsinger 1.jpg

Forest folks are quick to come through when they hear the notes.


My biggest fans!


How guys compliment other guys. 


Relatable Singing Memes

At least you look responsible with two hands on the wheel. 


We all felt like we did the crime, just like Rihanna. 


Singing is not always sexy!


We all want to be like the biggest bands. 


Rihanna has a lot of relatable content for singers. 


When the duet is giving what it's supposed to give. 


I'm a thug when I'm singing along to some intense R&B and hip-hop. 


I can play both roles in the song!


I used to love singing like this when I was young!


You never need to know the whole song. Do what you can. 


High notes sound pretty, but they may not look it. 


We might all be wasting a lot of water in the shower while we sing our lives away. 


It's very necessary to waste the water, though. 

showersinging 1.jpg

Okay, here's my last singing in the shower meme. 

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showersingingspeaker 1.jpg

We've all had this problem with singing lyrics before. 

wronglyrics 1.jpg

As long as you sound decent, I'd say it's close enough.

singinganime 1.jpg

This is my moment to shine.


When there are no parents in the house, it's on!

singingloudly 1.jpg

Who's messing with my sound?

ampsinger 1.jpg

When you surprise yourself, it's crazy!


I don't need backup, baby!

singingallparts 1.jpg

Animal Singing Memes

Birds are always ready with the soprano singing in the early morning. 


Dogs don't play when they hear the door.


I know this cat is killing it!


I can feel the passion in this performance.

operacat 1.jpg

This is how you look when you know you're about to hit them with that magic. 


Some country songs are bangers, no matter what.


Come on and use that chest voice!

karaokecat 1.jpg

Sometimes you have to tell your friend to let it go. 


Walk up to the mic with swag every time. 

singkaraokecat 1.jpg

Choir Singing Memes

Are the sopranos okay?


Tenors often stretch their limits. 


The ahhs are really intense from the choir on this one!


Do you sing multiple parts in the choir?


I've seen the soprano's faces when this happens. 


The energy is way different when you really think about it!


No one wants to bring the whole choir down. 

choirsinging 1.jpg

Hey friend, can you hear yourself?


This is corny, I know. But it's a funny corny to me, so don't judge!


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