20 Hilarious Classical Music And Orchestra Memes Thursday February 24 2022, 2:00 PM
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20 Hilarious Classical Music And Orchestra Memes

Funny Musician Memes

Puns and riddles are always a good time in the music world, but memes take the jokes to a whole new level. If you're a music nerd like me and love a joke that only us musicians could understand, you may fall in love with a few or more of these memes.

Be warned, if you didn't study music professionally, some of the jokes might go over your head.

I don't mean this to be snotty, but it's more because the world of classical music has a lot of in-depth theoretical knowledge and general performance experiences that many music lovers haven't been exposed to.

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Classical Music Memes

1. Reading In Both Clefs At The Same Time 


2. Puns And Memes Combined 


2. It Sounds Like Mozart


3. Two Very Different Reactions To A Good Classical Music Concert


4. When You Lose Your Spot While Sight Reading


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5. Adding A Trill For A Bit Of Razzle Dazzle 


6. Music Teachers Have The Worst Jokes Sometimes 


7. Relatable Stagnancy In Life


8. Why Is This So Right And Wrong At The Same Time? 


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9. The Absolute Nerve To Ask A Soprano That!


10. Somebody Had To Say It


Orchestra Memes

1. It's Not A Violin!


2. Can't Find What You Need


3. It's Not As Weird When You're In Orchestra Rehearsal. 

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4. The Worst Thing To Happen While You're Reading Music


5. When You Want To Fight Your Music Conductor


6. They Are Throwing Shade To The Cello Section!


7. The Cough That Never Fails. 


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8. Don't Disrespect The String Instruments! 


9. For The Love Of All Things Holy!


10. Okay This Is Just Full-On Shade But I Laughed! 


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