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How to Get People to Listen to Your Music

How to Get People to Listen to Your Music

As a music maker, I'm sure you know the struggle of trying to get people to play your songs as soon as you put them out. If you're the type of artist or band that can get thousands of eyes on your new content as soon as you put it out, this article is not for you. But feel free to leave a comment detailing how you're working your magic so some of us beginners can learn a thing or two.

The internet is an extremely busy place. So many different types of amazing content are vying for a browser's attention. Everyone likes to discover good new music, but everyone is claiming to do music these days, meaning that you have to stand out and find a way to get people excited about hearing you in particular.

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Whether you're running paid ads and looking for a way to make your ad copy better, or you're looking for an angle when approaching a friend or potential fan with free resources, try one of these methods and see if they work for you. 

Let Them Be A Judge

People like to hold positions of power, even if in small or somewhat irrelevant situations. Ask someone to listen to your music while stressing the fact that they can judge (based on any scale you guys choose) however they decide after hearing it. This way, even if they don't like you, they are excited to tell you your score as they've involved themselves heavily in this process with such power and all. 

This will also help your personal artist development. You will be able to receive a lot of constructive feedback that will make your future song releases go even further. 

Appeal To What They Like Already

Try to find out what the person of interest likes in terms of music. If someone is in love with Taylor Swift and you have songs with beats that sound just like Taylor's style, let the potential listener know! This way, they are more eager to hear what you have since it relates to something that they already like.

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This also works well with promoting remixes and covers that are already in your potential new fan's top favorite songs. If you are looking at the comments section of a song you see people raving about, take a risk and ask them to check out your cover of that same song. The worst they can do is say you suck, and you'll need tough skin in this industry, so that shouldn't really phase you. 

Offer An Exchange

Since a lot of music on the internet is free now, especially independently-made songs, it may not be wise to believe giving away songs is enough in exchange for getting someone's support. Get creative and offer something really small yet valuable that you can still give to those who listen and support you.

A good idea that many artists are adopting is to support other artists by listening to their songs while the other artist will give the listener's music a chance in return. Music networking is always a good idea!

Reach out to artists on sites like Soundcloud and Twitter and let them know you are listening and digging their tunes. Then ask them to do the same for you. Most people will honor a hidden code, at least by hearing a few seconds of your music before seeing if they really want to hear your whole track. 

Pique Their Interest In a Unique Way

People are used to seeing the same types of things online or hearing the same types of material when playing music. If you want to grab someone's attention and halt the way they regularly process media, try doing something out of the norm with your song or press package.

One idea is to have unique cover art you promote on your social channels and other music marketing efforts that look like no other art that anyone has ever seen. Another idea is to have a song title or song intro that is literally off the wall and makes it so that the listener just has to know what is coming next. 

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