Music Branding: 5 Tips For Artists, Bands And Musicians Saturday December 10 2022, 4:15 AM
Yona Marie
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Music Branding: 5 Tips For Artists, Bands And Musicians

Music Branding

As an artist or musician, I’m sure you have profiles across multiple social media networks.

As you've grown into your artistry, you probably have a Twitter, a Facebook fan page, an Instagram account, and a handful of others where you have advertised your music in hopes of being noticed.

If you've done these things, then guess what? You officially have a brand presence!

You are seriously in the music marketing world and spreading the word about your music, image, style, purpose, and overall business. Here are a few tips to help your music brand really stand out.


Every artist or musician has a story. What’s yours? Be sure to leave out the boring parts. If you don’t already, you should have a biography that briefly tells the story of your music career.

What really stands out about your journey thus far? Make sure you cover key points about yourself, including where you are from, what inspired your career, and any previous projects you’ve worked on.

Biographies don’t really need to be over 250 words, but should also not be anything under 100 words.

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Images and Names

As an artist or musician, I’m sure you have profiles across multiple social media networks.

As mentioned before, you probably have a Twitter, a Facebook fan page, a SoundCloud account, and a handful of others where you have advertised your music in hopes of being noticed.

The first form of representation as a musician online, before someone even gets to the play button, will be your images. Be sure the images on your profiles are up-to-date and of good quality. Great quality is preferred.

If you are just starting out and unable to provide a high-quality photo of yourself, a great alternative is to add a high-quality graphic or cover photo that fits your image as a musician.

No one will need to know that you haven’t had your photo shoot yet!

Also, as a musician, you are now a brand. You are a business, and your product is your music. Be sure that all your profiles share a common theme and, most importantly, a common name to represent yourself. You wouldn’t want to confuse potential fans.

When you make these pages, your brand name (artist or band name) should be the same everywhere, clearly visible and understandable. Don't be 'DJ Turnt Up" on Twitter, but then be "TurntUPKID" on TikTok.

Make sure that your brand is clear so that every piece of information you want to give to fans can be clearly found. The more links people find, the more established your brand is! If I Google you, what's going to show up?



Aside from your bio, it is important to try to relate to your target audience as much as possible. As an indie artist, you already have the advantage of being seen as ‘just another person instead of a celebrity. Use that to make your music brand more appealing.

Reach out to your fans and market yourself as if you’re a friend, not as if you’re some god that needs to be worshipped. Let people know that you are just like them, just trying to be noticed in the world.

Talk on Tik Tok about how you’re out of gas money but will somehow be making it to your gig tonight. Share your creative process. Create a picture in your head of your ideal fan and present yourself as someone who could be their best friend.


Since your music brand is your business, you should be thinking of business tactics in order for you to stand out. One popular business tactic that is well-known in the marketing world is to have something known as a Unique Selling Proposition or USP.

Your unique selling proposition is what sets you apart from other people offering what you offer. As a musician, having a USP is very relevant in the overcrowded music world.

Everyone is aware of how many starving Indie artists are out trying to get their songs in the limelight. Your job is to simply be different.

If you are in a band, what makes your band different from any other band playing local shows and applying to big-name festivals?

If you are a producer, what makes your beats stand out from the thousands of others offered online with a simple Google search?


Start brainstorming the ways you can set yourself apart from artists and musicians similar to the style. You have so many options in choosing your USP.

One example could be the way you present your music on your website. Or, you might have something weird that you do at the end of each of your songs.

Maybe you wear your hair in a way that no one can forget. Maybe your USP is that you know everything about the music industry, while your competitors are just running in circles!

You can have multiple USPs, but it’s important to focus on one major unique selling point that will put you a few steps ahead of the competition.

After finalizing your USP, it won’t hurt to include it in places like your bio and social media pages!


How does your music make people feel? Material that relates to a listener’s feelings and emotions tends to leave a lasting impression.

Heartfelt musical art includes the type of songs and videos that get played back-to-back on repeat by a listener. Material that leaves a lasting impression tends to also get shared way more often.

The more people feel your musical release relates to their life and personal journey, the more success your release will have.

If they feel you are providing something that will help encourage their journey, you will have much more success, not to mention that your career path will feel very rewarding!

Not only are you making good material, but you are also making others reflect intensely on themselves with your material. Art like that knows no boundaries.

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