How to Maximize Social Media Marketing for Musicians Wednesday December 14 2022, 6:30 PM
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How to Maximize Social Media Marketing for Musicians

Social Media Marketing for Musicians

Social media is a great place for many aspiring musicians to make themselves known to the world.

However, creating a solid presence online is not that easy. There is a lot of competition on social media doing exactly what you're trying to do.

When attempting to promote your music on social sites, it is important to find out ways to really grab someone’s interest and not be seen as a pest.

Everyone is claiming to do music these days, meaning that you have to stand out and find a way to get people excited about hearing you in particular.

Why should people take the time out to consume your musical content when there are so many other great things vying for their attention? How can you get more eyes from your fanbase and make your content more shareable?

In this article, we'll discuss five ways you can maximize your social media to market yourself effectively online.

Use Different Social Media Platforms

An article by Chad Brooks on using multiple social media accounts shared that it’s best to subscribe and use different social media platforms if you plan to promote a brand online.

This is because you might not be reaching all your potential listeners and fans within one platform alone.

That’s why instead of just posting your music on sites like YouTube and Spotify, sign up to popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to spread the word about your music further.

This way, you have more chances of reaching your target demographic.


Have A Consistent Content Schedule

Once you have an account, make sure to develop and follow a consistent content schedule.

In our previous post on ‘How to Blow Up on TikTok’, we discussed how it’s necessary to take the time to make several posts daily or weekly to keep your audience entertained and interested in your music content.

Additionally, having a consistent schedule allows your followers to know when to expect your next update online.

Since you can now schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter using TweetDeck, this will help you remain consistent in your content, especially on days when you’re unable to go online.

Encourage Engagement In Your Posts

Another tip is to encourage your followers to interact with you by diversifying your posts. This can mean posting content with open-ended questions or asking people about their own experiences or opinions related to your songs.

You can also let your followers ask you some questions about your singing and songwriting techniques that you can answer in the reply section.

Ultimately, improving your online presence goes hand in hand with creating an online community that’s interactive and lively so that people will stay interested in you.

Keep Your Accounts Secure

Although social media is useful, it can bring disadvantages when managed improperly. For instance, if your social media accounts get compromised, hackers can sabotage your reputation online.

Thunder Bay-based musician Danielle Pollari was locked out of her account by a hacker, which had a huge impact on the marketing of her latest album.


As such, many of the top musicians online make sure to prioritize cybersecurity in all their social media accounts.

One way you can do this with minimal resources is by securing your passwords. As per Maryville University's guide to strong passwords, it's best to secure your accounts with longer passwords that aren't connected to your personal life.

This means instead of using birth dates and security numbers, try to think of a combination with special characters.

If possible, it’s also best to secure your account using a two-step verification feature to protect your accounts from malicious hackers. By doing so, you won't have to worry about your marketing and production efforts suddenly being undone.

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Be Mindful Of Your Language And Message

Lastly, remember to use appropriate language when posting updates on your accounts. After all, your own actions can be just as harmful as hackers if you're not careful.

Besides tarnishing your reputation as a musician, the use of certain language and messages online can lead to account suspension.

As a matter of fact, a report by The Washington Post on YouTube's anti-hate campaign, notes how the popular platform has a system that prohibits publishing abusive and hateful content.

They also have a zero-tolerance policy against violent threats, even if they’re just a joke.

If they flag your content as offensive, this can lead to a permanent suspension of your account, making you lose all your followers and likes in an instant.

Aside from practicing cybersecurity measures, using the right language on social media is part of your due diligence.

Many unsigned artists try to go above and beyond with crazy marketing and messages to increase exposure, but it can end your career before it truly starts.

When observed correctly, your language will not only keep you online but will also attract larger audiences who appreciate your mindfulness and professionalism. 

Take it a step further beyond mindfulness of inappropriate behavior and instead go above and beyond with helpful behavior to the communities around you that you're passionate about.

Supporting a positive movement and spreading a good message can take your music even further. 

This article was written by Carol Ching.

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