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How To Prepare For A Singing Performance In 8 Steps

Preparing For A Singing Performance 

Singing in a live setting can feel like a whole different world from singing on your own in rehearsal or singing in a studio setting. 

There are certain things you need to be mindful of when performing that you wouldn't really think twice about when rehearsing, or you're only around a few people.

There's also a certain magic that comes from a singing performance in front of an audience that you can't capture in a rehearsal or studio. To prepare yourself best to make magic with your upcoming performance, check out my tips below! 

Know Your Songs In And Out

Yes, you know your songs, but do you really know your songs? Did you just rush to memorize them within the last few days, or have you had time with them?

Have you sung them around your house for months? Have you practiced ways you can adlib? Do you know which lines to breathe in between? 

If so, you won't be as nervous about performing them in the audition. It's hard to sing your best while you're scrambling in your brain to make sure you know your next line. 


Practice In Front Of People That Make You Nervous

Practicing on your own is great, but take it a step further. Practicing in front of a close friend or family member is better, but take it further than that if you can.

You want to mimic the feeling of the butterflies you will likely have when you actually perform live in front of your audience. Preparing while you are in that state will help you to relax and be more of yourself when the time comes!

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Record Yourself Performing

Recording your performance with a video in order to hear and see yourself while you perform is a great idea. It's one thing to get feedback from your family and friends that you perform in front of, but it's even better to get feedback from yourself.

No one knows what they want out of your visual and vocal performance as much as you do. Give yourself a chance to be a judge!


Hydrate And Eat Well Hours Before

There are many rules to remember as a singer when you want to keep your instrument working as healthy as possible for your performances. 

A singer's diet doesn't need to be that different from a healthy individual's regular diet. The key differences lie in the vocal side effects that you want to avoid so that they don't get in the way of your singing voice. 

Firstly, you don't want your throat to dry out, so you don't want to eat or drink things that can dry you out.

Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated is always a great idea; that rule is simple enough. But some foods have ingredients that don't mix well with singers. Foods and drinks to avoid include spicy foods, dairy, alcohol, and anything very salty or sugary. 

It's also important to note that drinking water minutes before a performance will not hydrate you effectively. To properly hydrate, make sure you have drank plenty of water hours before a performance. 

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Go On Vocal Rest

Going on vocal rest is precisely what it sounds like: giving your vocal cords a rest. It benefits singers, rappers, preachers, voice actors, motivational speakers, and even non-professionals who suffer from vocal damage in post-op. 

You need to give your vocal mechanisms time to rest after a long period of talking or singing. It's not a bad idea to regularly go on vocal rest before and after big shows or while you're on tour.

Sure, you will be annoyed by having to speak less and being unable to sing around the house, but you'll be doing yourself a favor for the gig coming up the next day. 


Use Vocal Warm-Ups

Warming up your voice, especially before a big performance, is a great way to ease your body into speaking or singing without causing any damage or irritation.

I use several go-to warmups nearly every day as a professional studio vocalist, where the demand is not as high as it is for live singing.

There would be such a different sound coming out in my recordings if it weren't for the positive effects I get from doing these exercises before singing for an extended period of time. Check out some of my favorite vocal exercises here

Try Positive Self-Talk

Affirm yourself with positive thoughts, chants, and feelings! Tell yourself that you are talented, you can do this, people like your singing, you have potential, and you will be fine even if you mess up in some parts of your songs.

Negative thoughts automatically flood our minds in moments like this and can cause us to be tense and distracted.

Fight back with all the good things that are going on in your life. It's great that you're even putting yourself out there and sharing your talents with the world!

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Keep The People In Your Heart

The key to any performance is to affect the people positively. At the end of the day, it's not so much about you or your nervousness, appearance, or shyness as it is about the audience.

Not to get all sappy, but we're all on this earth to help others somehow. Think about your next stage performance from the perspective of what the audience needs. How can you make this the best experience for them?

The answer is by performing with confidence and with passion.

People love a message or performance that is given confidently. It brings out confidence in themselves, and everyone feeds off each other's good vibes. 

To bring out the passion, connect with the lyrics. The more you focus on the lyrics of your songs, the better your emotional output can be. Lyrics are a critical part of what makes music hit our souls and our hearts.

Even with the most basic backing music, powerful words in a song can help a singer perform it with intense emotion and connect with the audience. 

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