30 Fun Facts About Music That Are Surprising And Rarely Talked About Sunday March 12 2023, 7:00 PM
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30 Fun Facts About Music That Are Surprising And Rarely Talked About

Fun Facts About Music

Are you looking for some crazy, interesting, and little-known facts about the wonderful art of music? Then look no further!

Sometimes it's very interesting to discover things about the many different styles and methods of performing music that the world has seen over the years.

You might be able to use one or two of these facts in your next rehearsal/performance to wow your band members or fans. Or you could use these facts for a fun game of trivia among music lovers. 

Crazy Facts About Music

Each year, an estimated 1.5 million guitars are manufactured across the globe. Japan alone has an estimated 645,000 guitars made each year.

The most expensive piano in the world is made out of crystal and is worth 3.2 million dollars. It was designed by Heintzman Pianos.

Violin strings can be made from a variety of different things, one very old-school way being sheep intestine (AKA catgut).

The music video for "Scream" by Michael and Janet Jackson was a seven-million-dollar project.

About 2% of the world’s population is tone-deaf. Tone deafness is referred to as amusia, and it is when a person can’t distinguish between notes. That means 98% of us are at least a little musically inclined! 

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Impressive Facts About Music

The piano is often referred to as the King of Musical Instruments. 

The prolific artist, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and actor Prince was known to play over 20 instruments. 

The highest note ever sung was by Georgia Brown and is identified as the note G10, which is higher than any note found on the piano.

Jimmy Hendrix played the guitar upside down because he repped team lefty (just like me!). Thankfully, left-handed acoustic guitars are now for us left-handed people.

Rapper Eminem was recently credited with a Guinness World Record in 2020 for rapping 7.5 words per second in one verse in Godzilla.

According to a new study from Researchers at Baycrest's Rotman Research Institute, musicians and people who are bilingual have trained their brains to be more efficient.

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Facts About Music History

The oldest known account of “singing” that can be verified is the 3rd millennium BC (approximately). The earliest written literature dates from about 2600 BC (classical Sumerian).

The first known recording of a human voice was of the French folk song “Claire de la lune” in 1860 and was recorded by a machine that etched a waveform on paper using soot.


According to Reuters, hip-hop surpassed rock as the biggest U.S. music genre in 2017. 

Historically, secular music used to dominate the music world much more than it does now. During the times of the Middle Ages and The Renaissance period, the only music that was notated and documented was sacred music. 

The term R&B originated in the 1940s to replace the term "race music" which was used to describe music popularly growing in African American culture and was deemed offensive as a term.

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Facts About The Science Behind Music

Studies show that music around 60 BPM (beats per minute) or slower is proven to be an effective way to help your body hit its internal snooze button. 

A child’s stress hormone is reduced and replaced with oxytocin (the love hormone) when they hear their mother’s singing voice, whether good or bad. 

Studies show that people often prefer their right ear to receive verbal communication most effectively, while their left ear can pick up more non-social and musical cues.

Extra weight results in increased production and storage of female and male hormones. In men, this can result in their voices getting lighter. For women, this can result in their voices getting heavier. 

Writing, performing, or listening to music has been scientifically proven to increase one's endorphins, which are the chemicals in your brain that give you that feeling of happiness and enjoyment.


Experts say that music therapy can help people of all ages and health conditions, regardless of whether they have a musical background or an ear for it. 

Singing in a group setting gives you a scientifically-backed feeling of happiness! According to Daniel Levitin, a psychology professor at McGill University, our brains release oxytocin (known as the love drug) when we sing with others.

Funny Facts About Music

The world record for the longest non-stop Elvis singing impersonation is 55 hours.

Dolly Parton once entered a drag contest as herself but somehow lost to another contestant! 

Some people are so obsessed with their guitars that they actually take the time to marry them. In 2018, a man by the name of Harri Best got married to his guitar in Lagos at a legit ceremony.

The world record for the longest-ever piano recital was showcased by Romuald Koperski of Poland with 103 hours of runtime. 

A study done in 2017 shows that classical music can make plants grow faster. 

Harry Styles has a confirmed amount of four nipples (sorry, if I had to find out, you must also know).

Freddie Mercury once sneaked Princess Diana into a bar in London with an army jacket as a disguise. 

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