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Why Is Music Important? Here Are 5 Reasons

Why Is Music Important?

Music does so much for each of us on a day-to-day basis. It doesn't matter if you're musically talented or not; it still has positive effects on all of our lives. Where would we be without the magic of music?

I'd hate to think of a world where music didn't exist. Not only would it be boring as hell, but I'm confident we wouldn't be emotionally developed to the lengths we are now and, therefore, not be as intelligent and creative as we are. 

Music of all kinds hits different people in different ways, and some much more than others.

There are benefits of music that many don't consider when trying to come up with the reasons why music is so critical in our lives. Here are five places where the art of music makes a huge impact. 

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Child Development

The musical arts curriculum has been getting slowly squeezed out of school districts across the globe. You've probably seen many valid arguments for why this is completely ridiculous.

Learning artistic and creative expression is a key part of molding young minds into becoming the great minds of the future.

Stifling creativity in our youth is going to lead to fewer problem-solvers and critical thinkers in the coming years. Why would anyone really want that? 

People say that the government is defunding arts programs simply because they want to mold the upcoming generations into young minds that can be easily controlled. I'm not sure the actual plan is that nefarious, but it's a huge mistake whether it is or isn't. 

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Mood Enhancement

Writing, performing, or listening to music has been scientifically proven to increase one's endorphins, which are the chemicals in your brain that give you that feeling of happiness and enjoyment. Enjoying music in groups increases this effect even more.

Who doesn't need a pick-me-up every now and then? Music is a safe go-to for enhancing your mood so long as you aren't busting your eardrums out with the loud volume. 

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Anxiety Reduction

Like mood enhancement, music has been proven to eliminate feelings of stress and anxiety. Some call it a depressant or a way to ease your stress and help you to relax in a similar way that alcohol can, but without the health risks. 

On top of helping you ease the mind of your worries, music can take things a step further and become a sleep aid as well.

Studies show that music around 60 BPM (beats per minute) or slower is proven to be an effective way to help your body hit its internal snooze button. 

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Music Therapy

Music therapy covers a broad range of therapeutic approaches for clients in need of cognitive, academic, emotional/psychological, behavioral, social, and physiological training.

It's still in a relatively new phase, with new findings popping up every week, but the proof that it works well is already there.


Some familiar music therapy practices include developmental work with individuals with special needs, orientation work with the elderly, processing and relaxation techniques, and rhythmic entrainment for physical rehabilitation in stroke victims.

Community Building 

Music is a vital part of almost all cultures, with millions of songs that bring enrichment and strengthen the bonds of people in a community setting.

There are so many types of communities out there, with examples including religious, political, and locational communities that all incorporate music into their gatherings.

Think of all the communities that you are currently a part of. What type of music comes to mind? Do you find that it helps you feel more connected to that community when you hear it or sing along with it?

Why is music so powerful? Music brings us together socially in a way that no other art form can. 

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In conclusion, music is an essential part of our lives and provides many benefits that we might not even realize. From child development to anxiety reduction, mood enhancement, music therapy, and community building, the impact of music is profound.

It's important to recognize that we all have a unique connection to music, and the way it affects us can differ greatly. However, one thing is certain; music has a way of bringing us together socially in a way that no other art form can.

It's a universal language that can cross borders and cultures, creating a sense of unity and connection between people. Music has been an integral part of our history, and it will undoubtedly continue to shape our future.

So, whether you're a musician, a music lover, or simply enjoy listening to your favorite songs, never underestimate the power of music and the positive impact it can have on your life.

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