How To Extract Acapella Vocals From A Song With LALAL.AI Monday April 17 2023, 7:30 PM
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How To Extract Acapella Vocals From A Song With LALAL.AI

How To Get Acapellas From A Song

As a session singer, I often find very vital reasons for needing to get an acapella version extracted from a track to hear the vocal more clearly.

There are tons of reasons one could want to get the acapella version, but my particular needs were usually due to hearing lyrics correctly.

A lot of times, with music in dance and EDM genres, producers want me to recreate little vocal phrases and ornaments, but they often blend so well with the track that it's hard to make out what they are saying.

This is where apps that use artificial intelligence can come in. 

Thanks to the rise of AI technology, audio apps are able to do some amazingly impressive things when it comes to the world of music. 

Extracting a vocal from a full track is very hard to do in theory - you have to isolate the vocal and block out the many different melodic and percussive instruments that are covering it up. 

This problem leaves an opening for AI tech to solve with its fancy predictive capabilities. 


Try LALAL.AI Vocal Extractor 

I've tried a few different programs before, but this one really impresses me with how much they show you your potential results before you have to buy anything. I'm a firm believer in knowing the quality of something before I purchase it!

They have a few packages and even offer a free option if you're just looking to do something quick and don't need the service for a lot of different songs. 

A quick visit to their homepage will allow you to test their service options, which go beyond just vocal extraction. I recommend using headphones while you try their audio product out to get the best idea of the sound quality. 

At the home page, you will be prompted with a few options you can choose from, and to extract the vocal, choose the option "Voice And Noise".

You will then be prompted to upload a file. If you want to test it out, I recommend just uploading a short song as I did. 

Once your song uploads, you will be given results to preview. 

When you get the results (that you'll probably love), you'll be prompted to either sign up for a free or a premium account. I suggest signing up for free and upgrading later if you need to. 

The good thing about their current package pricing is that it is a one-time fee and not a monthly charge if you have a lot of extracting to do. 


Use The App As A Vocal Remover

LALAL.AI isn't limited to extracting vocals from a song if you need it. It can also be used to remove vocals from a song and highlight only the percussive and melodic instrumentation, which is also a challenge to do without advanced technology. 

LALAL.AI is a well-known vocal remover program that works better than the many other products claiming to be able to do the same. A lot of other apps like these don't use the AI tech this company has, which makes for a pretty glitchy final product. 

I've found the need to do this when I have a beat I'm playing around with that may have some unwanted sample vocals in the background, where I want to only focus on the instrumentation. 

In addition to removing vocals, you can even remove select instruments with this powerful AI-driven app that will give you only the parts of the songs you need. 

While some of the options are currently in beta testing, they have a box to remove the guitar, piano, drum, bass, synth, and much more!

It's almost scary how many things AI can change in the music world as we go further into the realms of innovation. As musicians, let's not be scared and embrace the tech to better our careers. 

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