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34 Piano Decor Ideas For Your Lovely Instrument

Piano Decor

Are you in need of some record inspiration to help bring your room with a piano to life?

Decorating the space around your piano can be an extremely creative and rewarding process for a music lover and someone who appreciates the art of interior design. 

Whether you're a pianist or an admirer of this magnificent instrument, adding thoughtful and stylish touches to your piano space can elevate its beauty and turn it into a mesmerizing focal point.

Here are over 30 piano decor ideas that will add a touch of elegance and charm to your space. I hope these additional ideas spark your creativity and help you transform your piano area into a captivating and harmonious section of your home.

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Wall Piano Decor

Wall Art: Hang framed musical-themed artwork or photographs on the walls surrounding the piano to create a gallery-like atmosphere.

Musical Instrument Wall Hooks: You could install decorative wall hooks shaped like musical instruments like pianos and flutes to hang keys, scarves, or small accessories.

Musical Clock: Choose a unique wall clock shaped like a musical instrument or notes to add a functional and decorative element.

Musical Wall Decals: Get some removable wall decals of musical notes, piano keys, or musical quotes to create a visually striking and artistic backdrop for your piano.

Framed Music Quotes: Frame inspiring or meaningful music quotes and hang them on the walls near the piano, serving as a source of motivation and creative inspiration.

Musical Wall Clock Collage: Arrange a collage of smaller musical-themed wall clocks in different shapes and sizes on a prominent wall, adding a unique and playful element to the decor.

Mirrors: Try hanging mirrors strategically near the piano to reflect light and make the space feel more expansive and bright.

Colorful Music Banners: Hang colorful banners with musical motifs or quotes along the walls to create a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

Wall-mounted Display Shelves: Install wall-mounted display shelves to exhibit your favorite musical memorabilia, such as concert tickets, signed albums, or autographed photographs.

Wall-mounted Guitar Rack: If you have guitars or other string instruments, mount a wall rack near the piano to showcase them as part of your musical collection.

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Framed Vintage Sheet Music: Frame vintage sheet music and hang it on the wall as a nod to the classics and musical history.

Sheet Music Wallpaper: Consider using sheet music-patterned wallpaper on one wall to create a unique backdrop for your piano, adding an artistic and musical touch.

Decor To Place On Your Piano

Personalized Sheet Music Art: Frame a favorite piece of sheet music and hang it above the piano for a personalized touch.

Vintage Metronome: Try placing a vintage metronome on top of the piano as a functional and nostalgic decor piece that can help you while you practice or learn to play piano

Decorative Candle Holders: Place a couple of stylish candle holders on either side of the piano to create a cozy and romantic ambiance.

Vintage Piano Bench: Opt for a vintage piano bench with intricate designs or upholstery that complements the overall decor of the room.

Decorative Music Note Decals: Get creative and apply removable music note decals on the wall behind the piano to add a playful touch.

Decorative Music Stand Lamp: Opt for a music stand lamp with an elegant design and soft lighting, providing both practical illumination and an artistic element.

Whimsical Music Note Chandelier: Hang a whimsical chandelier adorned with music notes above the piano to create a stunning focal point and add a touch of drama.

Antique Music Box: Add an antique music box on top of the piano as a charming and whimsical addition to your decor.

Musical Coasters: Find some cool musical-themed coasters to protect the piano surface while adding a charming touch. Look for coasters featuring musical notes, instruments, or piano keys.

Music-themed Vase: Place a stylish vase on the piano and fill it with fresh flowers or decorative branches, incorporating a natural and vibrant element into the decor.

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Decor To Place Near Your Piano

Musical Throw Pillows: Get a few decorative throw pillows with musical patterns or instruments for nearby couches or chairs to add comfort and style.

Musical Sculptures: Display artistic sculptures inspired by musical instruments or musical notes on top of the piano or nearby shelves.

Lush Potted Plants: Add a touch of greenery by placing beautiful potted plants or small indoor trees near the piano to bring life to the space.

Ornate Music Stand: Consider using an ornate music stand to hold sheet music or display a decorative music book.

Glass Display Case: Show off your favorite musical instruments, such as miniature pianos or violins, in a glass display case placed near the piano.

Musical-themed Throw Blanket: Drape a cozy throw blanket with musical motifs over the back of the piano or nearby seating to add comfort and a pop of style.

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Elegant Table Lamp: Add a touch of sophistication by placing an elegant table lamp with a decorative shade on the piano.

Floating Shelves: Install floating shelves near the piano to display musical trinkets, figurines, or small decorative items.

Vintage Record Player: Place a vintage record player next to the piano and display a collection of vinyl records for a nostalgic and retro touch.

Musical Instrument Display: Create a dedicated display area for your collection of musical instruments, such as violins, trumpets, or saxophones, showcasing them on stands or wall mounts.

Piano-themed Rug: Lay a piano-themed area rug beneath the piano to anchor the space and add a cozy and stylish element to the decor.

Musical-themed Curtains: Dress up your windows with curtains or drapes featuring musical notes, instruments, or sheet music patterns to tie the decor together.

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