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17 Great Ways To Get Rid Of A Piano

How To Get Rid Of A Piano

Pianos, with their majestic presence and timeless melodies, have served as cherished companions to countless musicians and music enthusiasts over the years.

Yet, as life's rhythms change, there may come a time when parting ways with a piano becomes inevitable.

Whether it's due to downsizing, relocation, or simply transitioning to a different instrument, the question arises: "How can we responsibly bid adieu to a piano?"

There are several ways you can make it happen and feel good about the process at the same time. Below are 17 ideas, and hey, one might be the perfect method for you. 

Sell it: To find potential buyers for your piano, create online listings on popular marketplaces and classifieds. Include detailed descriptions, clear photos, and an attractive price. Be prepared to negotiate and arrange for safe transportation.

Donate it: Reach out to schools, community centers, churches, or charitable organizations that might benefit from having a piano. Donating can provide valuable support for music education and local cultural initiatives.

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Give it away: Utilize social media platforms, community forums, or "free items" websites to find someone interested in taking the piano off your hands. Make sure to specify that it's a free item and arrange for pick-up details.

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Contact a piano dealer: Seek local piano dealers or resellers who may be interested in purchasing the piano from you. They have experience assessing the value of pianos and may offer a fair price.

Trade it in: Inquire with music stores or piano dealers about trade-in options. You could exchange your piano for credit towards a new instrument or other music-related items.

Rent it out: Consider renting the piano to individuals, schools, or event organizers who need a piano for temporary use. Agree on rental terms, security deposit, and insurance coverage.

Contact piano restoration businesses: Some companies specialize in restoring and selling used pianos. If your piano has potential value after restoration, they may be interested in purchasing it.

Recycle or dispose responsibly: Look for local recycling centers or waste disposal services that can handle large items like pianos. Ensure environmentally friendly disposal.

Organize a piano giveaway event: Advertise a "free piano" event in your community or online, where interested parties can come and pick up the piano. Be clear about any transportation arrangements.


Repurpose it for art or furniture: Get creative! Transform the piano into a unique art installation, bookshelf, or desk. This way, the piano can continue to serve a purpose in a new form.

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Offer it to a music school: Contact nearby schools, conservatories, or after-school programs to see if they need a piano. Educational institutions often welcome instrument donations.

Contact local theaters or venues: Performance venues may have use for a piano in live shows, rehearsals, or artistic performances. Inquire if they're interested in acquiring a piano.

Gift it to a friend or family member: Ask friends or family members if they're interested in having the piano as a gift. It could become a cherished possession in their home.

Auction it: If the piano possesses historical, vintage, or celebrity significance, consider selling it through an auction house that specializes in musical instruments.

Host a charity event: Organize a charity event where the piano is auctioned off, and the proceeds go to a cause you care about. Promote the event to attract potential bidders.

Contact piano moving companies: Professional piano movers can handle the transportation and disposal of the piano responsibly, ensuring it's disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

Offer it to a recording studio: Studios might appreciate having an additional piano for recording sessions or music production. Check if they're interested in taking it.

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Tips For Getting Rid Of Your Piano

Easy tip: don't just hurl it out the window!

Set a timeline. Assess your schedule and consider how soon you need to part with the piano.

Factor in time for researching disposal options, contacting potential buyers or recipients, and making necessary arrangements for transport or removal. Avoid rushing the process, as this may lead to hasty decisions.

Determine if the piano is in playable condition, requires repairs, or if it's beyond repair. Thoroughly inspect the piano's keys, strings, hammers, and soundboard.

If it's functional but needs minor repairs, consider if investing in restoration is feasible. If the piano is beyond repair or if repair costs are prohibitive, focus on alternative disposal options.

Be aware of any specific regulations or restrictions regarding piano disposal in your area. Some places have specific guidelines for large item disposal, including pianos.

Check with your local waste management or recycling centers to understand the proper procedures and any potential fees or restrictions.

Enlist help and use appropriate equipment to move the piano safely. Pianos can be heavy and awkward to move, which increases the risk of injuries. Enlist the assistance of friends, family, or professional piano movers to ensure a safe removal.

Use sturdy equipment like piano dollies and straps to prevent accidents during transportation. Prioritize safety to protect both yourself and the piano!

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