11 Repurposed Piano Ideas: What To Do With An Old Piano Thursday November 17 2022, 12:00 AM
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11 Repurposed Piano Ideas: What To Do With An Old Piano

Creative Ways To Use An Old Piano

Just because your piano is really old doesn't mean that it's a lost cause.

Pianos are all a work of art in their own regard, and you can shine a spotlight on that beauty years after it's been played. You can choose to save either the whole piano or use some of its best parts to create another work of art from its magic!

The first step you want to take is to browse through ideas for what you could repurpose your old piano into.

Once you have the idea, you'll then want to decide if you're going to turn it into a DIY project or hire someone else to turn your piano into another object for you. 

Depending on how much time you have and how lofty the project idea is, you may want to get a few extra hands to back you up in the process.

Some of the ideas you'll see below will definitely require some professional help if you want the final product to be as high-quality as possible.

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Coffee Table

Add a touch of charm to your living room area with a coffee table that has some elements of a piano built into it! This would work great for families where they all love or involve themselves in playing music. It is also a good DIY project to do with your kids over time!


Office Desk

This is a cool way to make use of your piano with almost all of the parts still intact. It's great for musicians who find themselves on the computer a lot but still want their desk to have a classic feel to it with high-quality wood furnishings. 


Bar Stand

Here's a nifty idea that would fit the older generations who want to add something different to their bar in the basement.

While it may not appeal to the younger crowds, it's a great way to add the piano to your fun times when you're entertaining guests in your home. 

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Wall Decor

There are many ways you can bring out your creativity when it comes to wall decor. Below is an example of a great way to pair art with productivity in this wall mount that's a key rack. 



This is also another great idea for the older generations out there that appreciate a really good antique DIY product idea that will stand out in charm.

Using the body of a piano for a headboard can provide you with a great look and a sturdy piece of wood, although you may need professional assistance. 


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Garden Waterfall

Want to get really crazy and out-of-the-box with your old piano idea?

Consider using it outside along with your garden and possibly make it into a waterfall if you have a good spot for it at your property. Paired with pretty flowers, this makes an exceptional art piece. 



For another idea that will come in handy, try using your old piano as a bookshelf. This makes the perfect choice for musicians who have books related to the music industry that they would like to store in a special room.

While this can be DIY, you may want to hire a professional to get the best outcome. 


Piano Key Chandelier 

Here's a smaller idea that would make for a great DIY project for a music lover that has some time on their hands along with an old piano that they aren't using. The creative ideas are endless when it comes to style and design for your chandelier.



Similar to an office space area, a piano would make the perfect workbench if you repurpose the larger parts of its body. This can be a pretty simple project for DIY if you have enough hands around the house to help you move parts around. 

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Fish Tank 

This idea will definitely require a lot of thought and some professional help, but it's my favorite repurposed piano recommendation on this list!

Could you imagine the heads you would turn and how long you would have people talking if you had this in your home?



Here's another solid choice for a DIY project that can be taken many ways when it comes to creativity for the design.

This makes for a great way to do something simple, yet whimsical with your old piano, and it won't require a ton of time or money to make. 


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