15 Church Instruments To Consider For A Deep Musical Experience Friday September 1 2023, 11:15 AM
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15 Church Instruments To Consider For A Deep Musical Experience

Church Instruments 

While there are hundreds of lovely options in the world, the uplifting music synonymous with church services cannot incorporate just any instrument into the mix.

Instruments used in churches and inspirational music enhance the spiritual experience with a mixture of melodic and percussive options for you to consider.

The choice of instruments in church music can be influenced by cultural, regional, and denominational factors, as well as the preferences of the worship leaders and congregation.

It's important to select instruments that enhance the worship experience and resonate with the spiritual message being conveyed.

Here are 15 instruments that are closely tied to the church music lifestyle that could bring your worship experience to a whole new level! 


The pipe organ is a monumental instrument, renowned for its intricate architecture and awe-inspiring sound. It features multiple ranks of pipes, each producing a unique timbre, and is operated via a keyboard.

Organs are cherished in traditional church settings for their ability to fill the space with rich, resonant tones.

The instrument's pedals and stops allow for a wide range of dynamics and expression, making it suitable for both intimate and grandiose moments in worship.

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The piano, a versatile keyboard instrument, holds a special place in church music.

It comprises hammers striking strings to produce sound, offering a dynamic spectrum from soft, contemplative notes to robust, triumphant chords.

Pianos are great for accompanying congregational singing, performing classical compositions, or serving as a solo instrument in various worship styles.


Acoustic guitars produce sound through the vibration of strings and are prevalent in church music for their warm, melodic, and rhythmic qualities.

Electric guitars, with their amplified sound, contribute a powerful presence in contemporary worship bands, adding energy and drive to the music.

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Drum kits can include bass drums, snare drums, cymbals, and various percussion instruments.

They provide the rhythmic backbone of worship music, imparting vitality and dynamism.

Percussion instruments such as tambourines, congas, and djembes add layers of texture and groove, especially in charismatic and contemporary services.


Choir/Vocal Ensemble

The human voice takes center stage in church music. Choirs and vocal ensembles provide harmonious and spiritually uplifting singing, enhancing the congregation's worship experience.

They deliver powerful renditions of hymns, anthems, and worship songs, creating a profound connection between the congregation and the divine.

Bass Guitar

The bass guitar, like an electric guitar but tuned to lower frequencies, serves as the rhythmic foundation in contemporary worship bands.

Its deep, resonant tones provide a groove and structure to the music, enhancing its overall impact.

The bass guitar's role is to underpin the harmonic structure, ensuring a cohesive and dynamic sound in modern worship settings.

Chimes or Handbells

Chimes and handbells are delicate and percussive instruments with a distinctive bell-like timbre.

They are often used in traditional and liturgical church music to highlight specific moments in hymns, anthems, or other worship compositions.

The precise and resonant tones produced by these instruments add a touch of grace and beauty to the overall musical experience.



Electronic keyboards and synthesizers are versatile tools in contemporary church music. They can replicate the sounds of various instruments and offer a vast array of tones and effects.

These instruments are crucial for creating modern soundscapes, layering textures, and enhancing the emotional impact of worship songs.

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Woodwind instruments like flutes, clarinets, and saxophones produce sound by blowing air over a reed or across a hole. Their mellow, melodious tones impart a sense of serenity and beauty to worship music.

They can stand as solo instruments or blend harmoniously in ensembles, adding depth and emotion to the musical landscape.


Brass instruments, such as trumpets and trombones, are renowned for their bold and regal sound.

These instruments use brass tubing and cup-shaped mouthpieces to generate music, making them ideal for fanfares, processions, and majestic pieces in larger church settings.



The harp, with its gracefully curving frame and strings, is revered for its ethereal and soothing sound. It evokes a sense of tranquility and contemplation, often accompanying meditative moments in worship services.

Harps provide a unique sonic atmosphere, connecting the congregation to a sense of divine peace and serenity.


These string instruments, part of the violin family, are known for their elegance and expressiveness. Violins and violas produce higher-pitched, melodious tones, while cellos offer a deep, resonant sound.

In church settings, they are often featured in orchestras or chamber ensembles, lending a classical and emotive dimension to worship music.

Electronic Drum Kit

Electronic drum kits offer precision and versatility while allowing drummers to control sound volume, making them an excellent choice for contemporary worship settings.

These kits can replicate the sound of traditional acoustic drums while providing adaptability to various church venues and acoustic environments.



The accordion is a portable and expressive instrument featuring bellows and a keyboard. Its sound is characterized by rich harmonies and a warm, folk or world music quality.

Accordions can infuse church music with a distinct cultural or regional flavor, adding depth and emotion to worship songs.


Bagpipes are a set of reed instruments with a unique and powerful sound. They consist of drones that produce a continuous tone and a chanter for melody.

Bagpipes are often associated with processions and solemn ceremonies in certain church traditions, creating a memorable and evocative worship experience that resonates deeply with congregants.

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