How To Prepare For Performing At A Party In 9 Steps Sunday November 26 2023, 4:15 PM
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How To Prepare For Performing At A Party In 9 Steps

Preparing For A Party Performance

No matter where people are in the world or what type of music they love, a party band or solo performer will always liven up the occasion. 

The Music Times outlines how hiring a band for an event is the most sure-fire way to ensure that everyone at your event has a great time. They help create an atmosphere, help people connect, and come with their own light and equipment.

In the US, some party bands playing at weddings and other high-profile corporate events have been known to charge up to $10,000! Across the globe, more people are looking to hire a function band for their event.

Those looking for party bands for hire have a wide choice as there is a band for every preference and genre, from soul and R&B to rock n’ roll and classical music.

If you have such a band, now is a good time to start marketing yourself as a party band to tap into this lucrative industry. And if you have a gig lined up, here are nine steps to help you prepare.

Know Your Set List

Every performance needs to be streamlined and professional. This is why it is important to know exactly which songs you will be playing beforehand.

Some factors you should consider when crafting a setlist include “the genre of music and audience expectations, the size and type of venue, time constraints, flow and pacing of the show, key changes, and technical considerations.”



In line with the above point, the entire set list should be well rehearsed so everyone knows what they are doing. Any hiccups at the party due to a lack of rehearsal time will reflect poorly on you and your reputation. 


Make sure you are upfront with how much you are getting paid and whether any expenses, such as food and drink and travel, will be included.

You should always have a musical performance contract agreed upon and signed before the party to avoid any financial issues being disputed. 


Be in constant communication with the host so there are no surprises on the performance day. Agree to the time you will arrive and start playing, and communicate ahead of time any concerns you may have.

Important factors that need to be communicated include stage size, audience size, and whether any equipment needs to be provided.

Choose Your Attire

Make sure you know what is expected of your attire. While most parties won’t have a dress code, it pays to match your attire for the event.

For example, if the party is a formal event, it will look more professional to perform in smart clothes in order to match the atmosphere. 


Hydrate And Eat Well Hours Before

Hydrating and eating are two of the most important ways to prepare for a performance, especially if you are singing.

You don’t want your throat to become dry, as this could affect your performance, so hydrate a few minutes before and during your performance. Food and drink to also avoid include spicy foods, dairy, alcohol, and anything very salty or sugary.


Before every performance, you must conduct a sound check in order to make sure the volume is right for the location and that there will be no speaker distortion that will affect the performance.

If you are a singer, your microphone must be louder than the rest of the band, so ensure that your voice carries across the party location. Each musician should sound-check their instrument individually before checking together as a band. 

Warm Up

A quick warm-up before you perform will ensure you are at your peak when you go on stage.

This is especially true for singers who must ensure that their voices are ready before they start the set. A quick warm-up will also double as a final check to ensure everything is correct before the actual performance starts. 


Performing at a party is a great way for musicians to earn a living and develop their own performance skills. If you have been booked to perform at a party, we hope the above tips prove useful. 

Get In The Zone

As the excitement builds and the event draws near, it's crucial to get into the right mindset for your performance.

Creating the perfect ambiance goes beyond just playing the right notes — it's about immersing yourself in the music and connecting with the audience.

Feel the excitement in the air, absorb the energy of the venue, and let it fuel your performance.

Engage with the audience, make eye contact, and be responsive to the vibe of the party. Amidst the preparations and the technical aspects, don't forget to enjoy the experience.

In the moments leading up to your performance, find a quiet space to relax and focus on your breathing. Deep breaths can calm your nerves and help you stay centered.

Remember, the audience is there to enjoy your music, so take a moment to appreciate the unique opportunity to share your talent!

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