Why Do I Yawn When I Sing? Saturday June 26 2021, 11:15 PM
Yona Marie
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Why Do I Yawn When I Sing?

Yawning May Or May Not Be A Bad Thing

Yawning when you're singing is a very common thing that happens to a lot of singers. Does it happen so often to the point where it's interrupting their performances? Not often. But if it's happening a little too often for your liking, you may want to find out the root of the action and then see where you need to go from there. Yawning when singing usually comes from 3 reasons that are nothing to worry about too much. I decided not to include the most obvious reason: you're just tired and need a break. But don't be afraid to admit it if that's your issue!

Reason 1: You're New To Singing

New singers are much yawnier than seasoned singers. The main reason here is simply because their body is not used to all these new mouth placements that are going on when you first start your singing journey. When people talk, they don't have as much physical range of motion with their mouth in comparison to singing. These new movements are confusing and causing that yawn reflex to be triggered. 

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How to stop yawning when you sing: If you want to get rid of these types of yawns, just stay consistent in your singing and practice. Your body will get used to your performance and will adapt by slowly subsiding those pesky yawns. It may help to warm up for a long period of time and get the yawns out of the way if you have a performance coming up. 

Reason 2: You're Classically Trained 

Yawning can be good for singing. Choir and operatic singing often require something called a half yawn that is a good vocal technique for helping your tone resonate better when you sing. Long vowels work really well in the classical music realm, so when you're warming up, rehearsing, or performing, your body is also triggering that yawn reflex with such a wide mouth opening position. 

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How to stop yawning when you sing: This isn't something you can completely get rid of, but again, warming up usually shakes those yawns out of your system and they don't linger on the longer you sing in that particular session. The yawns will probably come back daily, but it's very possible to keep them contained in your warmups. 

Reason 3: You're Not Getting Enough Air

If you're singing and barely making it through your phrases before running out of air, you're working your body really hard and tiring yourself out. You're not yawning because of your mouth or jaw or anything, you're just tired. A lot of great-sounding, powerful singers suffer from poor breath support, and all that power wears them out if they perform for more than 30 minutes straight. 

How to stop yawning when you sing: To fix this, work on your breathing techniques. If you're not able to get through phrases like other singers are, you have some work to do when it comes to filling up your lungs properly before singing. Breathe deep and fill your lungs to the point where you can literally see your body expanding when you breathe in. Don't just breathe with your shoulders. It's a common misconception that you should breathe in by sucking in your gut, and singers who have this reflex don't have enough air to support their notes. 



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