Does Singing Burn Calories? Friday July 2 2021, 12:24 AM
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Does Singing Burn Calories?

Does Singing Count As Exercise? 

When I'm singing in the studio or on stage, I get super tired. I first noticed it more when I was out of shape, but even now that I'm getting rid of the extra pandemic pounds, between my high temperature and generally high levels of energy being expelled, I thought I'd get into some research about whether or not singing can burn a good amount of calories. 

As it turns out, singing can burn a wide range of calories depending on how you do it. Singing requires you to use several different muscles in your neck, abdomen, and chest and it can help you burn calories plus work your core. Most people don't think of singing when it comes to the weight-loss tactics, but if you get creative, it can turn into a full fat-burning session. How you may ask? Let's go over 4 levels of singing that will range from low to high caloric burn.

Singing Passively 

Everything we do movement-wise can burn a small amount of energy, so even humming will help you burn calories. It doesn't matter if you're standing or sitting down, your humming is lightly working some muscles in your neck area, especially if you're a talented hummer that uses those muscles to stay in key and do vocal ornaments. But don't expect your humming or quiet singing to take you that far. You won't be burning anything much, maybe about 50 calories per hour. 

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Sitting Down Singing Intensely

If you're rehearsing or singing your heart out from your chair, you're burning a decent amount of calories in the process. According to LiveStrong, you can burn about 100 calories in an hour while sitting down if you weigh 150 pounds. That's not bad work for doing something you fun and loveable like singing! 

Standing Up Singing Intensely

To take it to the next level, singing while standing up will naturally cause your body to get slightly more involved and burn more calories. It's estimated that you can burn 150-200 calories per hour on average if you're standing and slightly swaying or doing some hand movements and really getting into it emotionally. You don't have to do too much, but your body will thank you for the extra excitement.

Singing Intensely With Intense Stage Presence 

Want to get the best out of a singing workout? Put your body into your singing for an hour with gestures, walking, and some dancing in order to lose 200-300+ calories depending on your moves. Raising your hands, getting down to your knees, and putting on a show will really be great cardio that is comparable to fast-paced walking or an elliptical. If you're planning to take it all the way to Beyonce levels, you'll be doing yourself a huge favor with an intense full-body workout that may burn more than 300 calories per hour, since dancing alone can get you up to those types of numbers. 

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Does Singing Burn Face Fat?

While singing can help with weight loss everywhere, it won't help you lose weight in just one particular area like your face. Spot reduction for face fat is pretty much impossible, but you can easily lose face fat along with other areas of fat with cardio. And yes, the singing methods I mentioned above count as cardio! So technically, singing can help you lose face fat. Just don't think that the fact that you sing from your mouth means you'll lose weight in your face first or fast. Your whole body will slim down with consistent cardio workouts over several months.  

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