A Songwriting Template To Get You Started Thursday July 15 2021, 4:07 PM
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A Songwriting Template To Get You Started

How Do You Structure A Song?

This one is for all the new songwriters out there looking for guidance on structuring one of their first songs. You should know that if you'd like, you can structure your song any way you want it.

Don't want a chorus? Then don't have a chorus! Want to skip an intro and get straight to the good stuff? Skip that intro!

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If you're not sure how you want to structure your song and want a popular song structure template to work from, you've come to the right place.

Here I'll provide you with a songwriting template that you can copy and paste and fill your own lyrics into. Let's get started on ideas for your song format!

Songwriting Template


I can't believe we're here right now...

Mhmm...we're here...

Verse 1:

Can't believe we're here

We've lost so much time

How can I forgive

Help me clear my mind

So much we have shared

So much we have lost

Tell me what you fear

Is our magic gone?


We've lost it all, the war is done

We've lost our way, can't find the sun

Will we ever recover?

Are we no longer lovers?


Verse 2:

All those wasted years

Now they've lost their shine

All those drops of tears

Never worth a dime

Should I be upset

Can I lose my cool

Will you find another

Love with someone new


We've lost it all, the war is done

We've lost our way, can't find the sun

Will we ever recover?

Are we no longer lovers?


Did you appreciate my love

Did you appreciate the time I took to change for us

Did you appreciate the rough

The good the bad the downs, the ups

Chorus x2:

We've lost it all, the war is done

We've lost our way, can't find the sun

Will we ever recover?

Are we no longer lovers?


I guess it's over...ohhh...ohhhh

I guess it's over 

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Intro Tips

Try to make your intro lyrics simple but exciting. You want to hook the listener in from the moment they press play on your song.

People are very picky these days because there is so much music out there for them to choose from. For this reason, that's why people sometimes skip an intro altogether (song creators and song listeners!).

Give them a hint of why they should stay and play through your whole track. 

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Verse Tips 

Your verses are the best sections to tell your story or give your song's message. This is usually the wordiest section of a song, so be sure to keep people's attention yet still provide depth to the meaning behind your lyrics.

Verses are sometimes followed by prehooks, which give you another chance to add a good amount of lyrics. Prehooks also give you a chance to write a catchy melody that will lead to an even catchier hook. 

Chorus Tips

Try to write a chorus that can get stuck in someone's head. The key to a good hook is balancing simplicity with originality. It's challenging to do, and the harder you think about it, the further you might get from an excellent hook.

The best hooks often come to songwriters quickly, out of the blue, and before any other song section. If you happen to come up with a catchy hook, make sure you aren't subconsciously stealing it from a song you've heard before. 


Bridge Tips

A bridge is a perfect time to create a climactic point for your song. It's also a good time to shake up the repetitiveness of your hook and verses with a fresh lyric and/or melodic idea that will really stand out to the listener.

Sometimes, a bridge can serve as the song's breakdown and become as simplistic and catchy as a hook could be. 

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Outro Tips 

The outro is your very last chance to impress. Similar to the intro, it's something you don't want to underthink; the outro is often the last thing someone hears before they decide if they want to add your song to one of their playlists or not.

Give them that final nudge with an outro that sticks to their brains and convinces them that your song is indeed worth a save and a second listen. 

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