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How To Name A Song

How Do You Come Up With A Good Song Title?

So you have a great song and you're wondering what to name it. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to finding a good name, but there are some things to consider when trying to choose.

What name will fit the mood of the song best? What name will stand out and catch the attention of your potential fans? What name is unique enough to make you feel like this is truly your own song that couldn't have been made by anyone else? What title will cover the message of the song in the best way? What title will resonate most with you? These are questions that we will dive into below to help you find good ideas for a song name. 

A Name To Match The Mood

Your song name could describe the emotional energy of the song. Is it an upbeat feel-good anthem? Then you could name your song "Feel-Good Anthem". Is your song sad and depressing? Your title could simply be called "Depressed". Is your song giving off the energy of a mass rebellion in progress? The title could be "Rebellion In Progress". 

Mood-centric song names are a great way to appeal to your potential listeners. As an independent artist, it's hard to get people to see enough reason out of the many forms of content available to tune into your content. If you show them what the song will do for them emotionally before they decide to hit play or keep scrolling, your chances greatly increase of being heard and liked. 

Attention-Grabbing Names

We've all seen those killer singles released by very popular bands and artists that have some off-the-wall names. Fall Out Boy has a song called "Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued". Bobby Bare made a song called "Drop Kick Me, Jesus". Tell me that isn't gold.

You can come up with your own, unique and attention-grabbing title that you will be proud of forever. No one is stopping you! Attention-grabbing titles are especially beneficial to indie artists who need to be noticed the most. 

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Names That Fit The Message 

This is the most common way to find a name for your song is to use one that describes the song's message the best. This is often done by choosing a phrase from the song's chorus, which usually has the most prominent message of the song's lyrics. It's also very safe (and boring) to name a song this way, though. I'm saying it's boring, but I do it 99% of the time with my songs. Don't be like me. 

Good song names that fit the song's message are creative while still making sense. If you could combine an attention-grabbing name with one that also fits the message, that would work very well for the consumer to be able to see a song topic that appeals to them while not having a generic name.

For example, if you have a love song that has a chorus with the lyrics "I can't sleep without him in this bed", your Title could be "Sleepless: He Skedaddled" to grab attention and fit the message. Okay, I know that's a terrible song name, but you get my point!

A Name That Resonates With You

Your song title can be a name that only you or a small group of people that know you would understand, and that would be completely fine. The title could be a description of where the song was created or recorded. It could be a reference to your hometown or a childhood memory of yours. It could be an inside joke that barely makes sense. 

Song names that resonate with you the most work really well for songwriters and artists that are doing songs for their enjoyment or a small audience's pleasure more so than for mainstream consumption. Make decisions based on your musical goals for your career or this particular project. 

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