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8 Ideas For Naming Your Music Instrument

How To Name An Instrument

Is it quirky to come up with a unique name for your beloved instrument? Yes. Is it a great practice that a lot of musicians have adopted? Also yes.

You may hear some musicians say it's weird or doesn't serve a purpose but to each his own. Are you struggling to come up with a good instrument name? Don't worry. It's a pretty big task to take on, especially if it's an instrument you're really in love with.

Tons of famous instrumentalists, including BB King and Tyler Joseph, have named their precious instruments, so why can't you? Anything that will help you connect better with your performance and your music doesn't sound like it will do any harm in the long run to me.

I'm here to give you some solid ideas for an instrument name that can get your creativity flowing. 

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Alliteration And/Or Rhyming

A lot of musicians like to use alliteration or rhyming when it comes to naming their instruments. For example, you could name your tuba Tuco or call your clarinet Clarissa.

This is a solid way to come up with a name that feels like it will fit the personality of your instrument instead of coming up with a name based on your own history. 

Girl Names

A lot of instrumentalists that are looking to name theirs just happen to be guys. I don't think this has anything too deep to do with sexism, and you don't have to be a guy to name your instrument after a girl.

Sometimes it just feels right to name something you find beautiful after a girl's name. Chances are, your instrument is stunning and deserves a name that will suit that fact!

Strong Names

On the opposite end, it can be a good idea to name your instrument something strong, especially if it packs a lot of power. It can be a boy's name, but it can also just be something more general, like naming your trumpet Beast.

Instead of focusing on the beauty of your instrument, the name can bring the intensity of the instrument's power to light. 


Someone You Know

You could try naming your instrument after someone you know very well or at least know of. It's not that common for people to name their instrument after someone super close to them, but it can be done.

More often, an instrument will be named after someone from your past or someone you had a brief but intense interaction with. BB King named his guitar Lucille after a woman at a nightclub who two men were fighting over. 

Fantasy Names

If you're going for something epic for your instrument's name, try browsing through your memory or the internet for some really cool fantasy names.

Similar to a strong name, a fantasy name will stand out and showcase the power that your instrument possesses. With fantasy names, you can get more in-depth with the type of power that your instrument wields. 

Royal Names 

Like strong and fantasy names, consider going for a royal or old-school name to give your instrument some personality. This works especially well for instruments that were more popular in the older days. Showcase the prestige of your and your beloved instrument with a name like Caesar or Pharoah. 

Naming After An Aspect Of The Instrument 

A common way to name your instrument is to find a particular aspect of it and get a good idea for the name from there.

For example, if you have a long skinny instrument like a flute, you can call it something cute and silly like Slim Jim. If you have a huge instrument like a harp, why not throw some alliteration in with a girl's name and call her Big Bertha? 

Name Generators 

If you're in need of more ideas that are seemingly out of nowhere, try a free and easy-to-use tool like Rum And Monkey's instrument name generator.

Now you must know that these ideas will be very random and filled with a lot of misses, so don't think that you'll find the most amazing names with generators like these. This is just a simple tool to get some ideas in your head that you can work through over time. 

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