How Much Does A Music Video Cost? Tuesday November 23 2021, 8:04 PM
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How Much Does A Music Video Cost?

How Much Is A Good Budget For A Music Video?

As an independent artist, you may be racking your mind over the costs of your upcoming music video. What cost makes sense? What's the minimum to get a final product that's high-quality? Pricing can widely vary by location, your vision for the video, and who you know. If you have a simple vision and you have a friend or family member that has the experience and a great camera, you may be able to cut costs dramatically. If you don't have any connections and you're looking for something grand, you might need to spend a pretty penny.

Starting costs for a high-quality music video will be at least $1500-$2000. There are a lot of affordable cameras these days that can really make you look great with minimum effort and skill if you and the people you are working with are creative enough. Some videos benefit from a lower-quality looking video, especially if you're an independent artist that has appeal because of how accessible and relatable they are.

Some people are so great with their networking, their creativity, and a simple concept that they literally don't need to spend anything on their video. If you're the type that has a lot of creative people around you with great equipment, you might be able to swing something with very little to no cost to you at all. 

What Effects The Cost Of Music Videos?

A lot goes into the budget for recording a great music video. When you're hiring a professional, you should first consider their skill, previous work, their time, and their equipment as a big fraction of the budget. You should also consider their editing skills as a big factor in the production of your music video, as editing is one of the most time-consuming parts of making the final product. 

Depending on your vision for the video, you will also want to consider location costs and hiring others to do certain things in the video for you. If you're the type who needs a lot of pretty girls in your video but you don't know any, that may play a key part in the video costs as well. 

High-end music videos include a producer, director, dancers, drones, set changes, makeup artists, and more. If you want your music video to look like you're rich and famous already, you will be looking at a budget starting closer to $50,000. Again, knowing a lot of creatives can dramatically decrease the cost. 

How Much Does An Independent Music Video Cost?

Most independent artists spend somewhere between $1000 and $20,000 on their music videos. More successful indie artists may spend close to $50,000 for certain videos that have intense concepts and then spend significantly less amount for the majority of their other releases. For example, Macklemore, a popular independent rapper who blew up pretty quickly in the early 2010s had a budget of $5000 for his video "Thrift Shop". This is what many folks like to call a shoestring budget. 

How Much Does A Big Music Video Cost?

Costs for celebrity music videos can get rather ridiculous as you can imagine. Their budgets start closer to $100,000 and can range all the way up to the millions. "Scream" by Michael and Janet Jackson was a 7 million-dollar project. Crazy, right? The costs were really outrageous back in the 80s and 90s especially, but they have died down some thanks to the advancements of affordable technology and increased CGI effects in the more recent decades. The music video for Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's hit single “WAP” for example was very close to 1 million dollars. 


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