4 Great Laptop Stands For DJs To Consider Wednesday January 5 2022, 8:06 AM
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4 Great Laptop Stands For DJs To Consider

The Best DJ Laptop Stands 

When it comes to searching for a laptop stand for your music performance needs, you should first consider what you, in particular, are looking to get out of the stand and where you'll be using it.

Some stands work well for smaller laptops, while others may not be ideal for the size of your specific equipment.

Some stands work well if you need to adjust them to a good height for standing, while others are limited to adjustments that would only work in combination with a desk. 

The good thing about shopping for a laptop stand as a DJ is that you'll likely be able to find something that will fit your needs since there are so many quality options available to you.

The trick will be finding which one(s) you will get the most out of when considering how you do your thing when it comes to performing; what works well for someone with the same setup as you might not work for you.

And in reverse, what some say isn't a great product might be the perfect fit for you. 

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To keep things simple and help you get an idea of what style of DJ laptop stand you want, check out my top recommendations below.

Many other brands will offer similar quality around the same price as some of my picks below, so feel free to use these ideas as a model for what you will want to buy once you really make your decision!

Recommended DJ Laptop Stand For Standing

I use this tripod stand regularly for my music gigs. Often times I'm singing or rapping while using this stand, so it was a must for me to get one that I can adjust comfortably around my standing height.

It's super basic and a great product for a beginner or professional looking for a simple tripod that can hold the weight of any laptop with easy setup and stow-away options.

I get a bit annoyed when I can't sit the stand perfectly flat as I want it for other uses besides my laptop, but other than that, I love it. 

Pros: Easy To Set Up, Affordable, Durable

Cons: Basic, Has a slight tilt 

Recommended DJ Laptop Stand For Desks

I made the mistake of getting a desk stand that would not hold the weight of my laptop properly. Never again!

For laptop stands that will be on your desk, make sure they are durable enough and can't be knocked over easily. I recommend the one above for most laptops. It's adjustable, and the ergonomics are way better than the last one I had. 

Pros: Easy To Use, Very Affordable, Adjustable

Cons: Small, so nothing else will fit on this stand

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Recommended DJ Laptop Stand For Mounting

In some cases, you'll need more versatility than a laptop stand that will fit well on your desk. Stands that are mounted give you more flexibility with the room on your desk and the angles you can set your laptop up at with ease while you play music.

If you want something for your desk but with many more options that will be compatible with how you need your space situated, consider a mounted stand like this one. 

Pros: Sturdy, can use with a variety of laptop/monitor sizes

Cons: Set up and angle adjustments can be complex 

Recommended DJ Laptop Stand For Multiple Electronics

If you're in need of a laptop stand that can hold way more equipment like speakers or a mic in addition to your laptop, consider a large stand like this one.

You will find a very well-liked product that can hold up to 100 pounds for a higher price than my other recommendation.

It can also be adjusted for sitting and standing, depending on what you need. It's technically a keyboard stand first, but DJs really benefit from the design. 

Pros: Sturdy, easy to set up

Cons: Slightly limited at its adjusting height capabilities 

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Tips For Buying Your DJ Laptop

Consider Portability

If you frequently travel or perform in different locations, opt for a laptop stand that is lightweight and portable. Look for features like foldable design or a carrying case for easy transportation.

Pay Attention To Stability

Stability is crucial to ensure your laptop and other equipment remain secure during your DJ performances.

Look for stands with sturdy construction and non-slip surfaces or grips to prevent any accidental movement or slips.


Adjustable Height And Angle

Flexibility in adjusting the height and angle of your laptop stand can greatly enhance your comfort and ergonomics while performing.

Choose a stand that offers multiple height and angle options to find the most suitable position for your setup.

Cable Management

Messy cables can be distracting and may pose a risk of tangling or tripping. Consider a laptop stand with built-in cable management features such as clips, hooks, or routing holes to keep your cables organized and out of the way.

Compatibility With Other Gear

If you use additional DJ gear or accessories like controllers, mixers, or external audio interfaces, ensure that the laptop stand you choose has enough space and stability to accommodate them.

Look for stands with wider platforms or additional attachments to hold multiple devices simultaneously.

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