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DJ Marketing Tips For Beginners

How To Setup A Marketable DJ Business 

Your business setup process can play a major role in the amount of success you will have when it comes to marketing and advertising in the music world.

Setting up a business as an independent DJ is no different than setting up any other type of music business as an LLC or a Sole Proprietorship. As a business, you will need to have key things that include the following listed below.

Business Name

Your first step will be coming up with a great name for your DJ business.

You will want to check your ideas against search engines like Google to make sure you're not taking another Djs name and messing up the clarity of your brand image. Your name will play a huge role in your marketing, so don't rush this part of the process!

Business Bank Account

To get paid in a way that makes it easy on the tax process, you will want to open up a business bank account if you're a DJ for when you start to do gigs.

Many new businesses opt for online-only banks like BlueVine for ease of use and low fees since their profits will likely be lower at the beginning of their journey. 

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Business License 

In order to allow your business to be protected at large exposure levels, you want to make sure that your business license setup is legit.

You will likely want to open up your business as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) to protect your earnings in case of legal issues that commonly arise in the music world. You can easily register your business through a trusted company like Legal Zoom. 

Tax ID Number

As a business owner, you will need to apply for a Tax ID number, which is a free process for all new businesses. LLCs apply for EIN (Employee Identification Numbers), which will be vital if you have a team of employees in your DJ business. 


Address and Contact Info

Your physical address and contact information are crucial to have as a new DJ. Many DJs don't realize that they need a physical address and an email address to comply with email marketing communications laws.

You can obtain a P.O Box or Suite Address as a business owner with companies like UPS or even set up a virtual/physical location hybrid through a company like Post Scan Mail. 

How To Brand Yourself As A DJ

Once you have everything you need to set yourself as a successful DJ, you will need to continue with branding aspects and consider the following options below for your business.

Not all of the suggestions are a must, but they will definitely help you in your marketing and advertising methods along the way. 


DJs often have a unique logo that appeals to their target and helps with the visual aspects of their brand. You can find logo creators on sites like Fiverr that have a very affordable process for those who are new to the DJ world and looking to save money. 

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DJ Drops/Tags

DJs in certain genres like to have unique tags and drops for their records that can help their branding and marketing. You can find many voice talent actors or singers that will be willing to record a drop or tag idea for you on a site like Fiverr. 


You will want to have an official website if you want to be seen as an official producer. Many site hosts like Wix and Squarespace have affordable packages and easy setup processes.

You can have simple things like your previous work, upcoming shows, social media, pictures, and contact information available. 

Social Media

DJs rely on a heavy social media presence these days, especially with video-focused networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

You'll want to have an attractive profile set up on these platforms where you have consistent updates posted. Tools like Hootsuite allow you to post to multiple social networking platforms all from one spot. 

Email List

As a DJ, you should consider creating an email marketing list where you regularly communicate with your fans and clients.

While social media is the preferred way for many musicians, artists, and DJs to communicate, you will not be able to get as much visibility as you could with email communications with the way that social media timelines are being filtered these days. 


Your story should be shown to your audience through your social media, website, email list, and any other forms of communication you try as a DJ.

You don't want to make the mistake of just posting ads and content without showing how you yourself are an appealing person that stands out from other DJs.

What makes you unique? What makes you relatable? Highlight your strengths as an individual and make sure your audience can see that for them to be able to build that connection with you. 

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How To Find Gigs As A DJ

When you're starting out your marketing and promotion as a DJ, it's best to rely on small, free and consistent methods like the ones I mention below.

Once you slowly grow your audience, you can then consider paid advertising methods for your DJ business through platforms like Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, and Google Ads. 


Classified sites like Craigslist can be a good way to network as a DJ in your local music scene. If you go to the musicians' or events section in your particular state, you may find a few opportunities that could prove good practice for you or something even greater. 

Facebook Groups

Search Facebook for DJ groups that are relevant to your niche. This is another great place to network with other DJs and find info about potential gigs in your area.

Even if you aren't able to find gigs, you may be able to get more exposure to your mixes and your overall brand. 


Reddit Live is a cool way to get some exposure as a DJ if you're looking for ways to get your skills in front of a new audience. It's also a great way to network and learn new things and terms in the DJ world.

While this works more for online gigs and not locally, many DJs have found success in doing virtual shows and getting a good amount of income in the form of tips from Reddit's audience. 

Social Media Live

Going Live on Facebook or Instagram is another way to get exposure and advertise the fact that you can do local events. Many DJs can find success in consistently posting sets live and then getting inquiries from friends or a friend of a friend about an event. 

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