DJ Drops: 6 Ways To Get Great Vocals Thursday September 15 2022, 7:30 PM
Yona Marie
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DJ Drops: 6 Ways To Get Great Vocals

Dj Drops For Your Projects 

The DJ drop business is surprisingly booming. As someone who offered drops for producers and DJs for a few years, I know a bit about the ins and outs of DJ drops in the music industry.

Providing or receiving this service can seem like a simple thing that you don't need to put much thought into, but there are a few things that really stood out to me when I completed some of my best drop work.

While I don't do them myself anymore, I still want to provide the music world with some tips on how to get great-quality drops.

You could benefit from this list as a creator looking for drops or as a potential vocal artist looking to get into the game. The key is to get a final product that is high-quality and memorable! 

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Keep It Short

The most memorable DJ drops are the ones that are short and sweet. It may be tempting to put several words that are relevant to your music brand in a drop, but the shorter version of it will likely get stuck in someone's head more easily.

When your drops are more catchy, people will be tempted to play your songs more often. When your drop is wordy and boring, it's almost like it doesn't exist. Even worse, it could turn someone off from the music. 


Understand Wet Vs. Dry Vocals

Wet vocals are recorded audio files that also have added effects that could include echo, reverb, EQ, or compression.

Dry vocals, on the other hand, have no effects added to them at all. Some DJ drop providers like to provide both types, while others only provide one.

If you can, it's great to get both types to get a feel for what the drop provider thinks would sound good with your audio file. But if you can't get both, it's best to get dry vocals so that you can add any effects you prefer. 

Test Different Voice Types

You may have a specific idea of what you want in your head, but playing around with different voice types can help you get a better sense of your overall vision when it comes to your DJ drops.

You can test out male and female voices, different ages, and even try out different accents, and the results may surprise you!

The best way to try different types is to find a company that has many different voice talents or just try multiple different service providers. 

Test Different Inflection Types 

In addition to trying different voice types, I also encourage you to get the voice artist to try the same drop phrase in many different vocal inflections. The voice artist can change their emotion, volume, and pitch to give widely different final results for your drop.

I found that when I sent drops back in several different inflection variations, my clients were more likely to get a delivery that they really loved. This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't taken the time to say the same phrase repeatedly in many different ways. 


Get The Audio Quality Credentials 

You don't have to be an audio engineering snob and look for only the best of the best when it comes to audio quality, but you don't want iPhone mic quality, either.

If you come across a provider that doesn't list any details about their studio or equipment, that may be a red flag.

Providers who do list their audio qualifications may seem like they are speaking in code if you don't know much, but their equipment will likely be easy to check with a quick Google search.

The good thing about drop providers is that most of them will have an extensive library of samples that you can preview before buying. 

Try Freelancer Sites

There are many different companies that offer DJ drop services, but you may also be able to find someone that is of good quality and very affordable on a Freelance site like Fiverr.

The great thing about sites like these is that you can easily find a one-page sales pitch that will include a voice artist's samples, credentials, audio equipment, and tons of honest reviews from real people they recently did business with. 

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