10 Remote Music Job Options For Music Lovers Friday October 14 2022, 5:45 PM
Yona Marie
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10 Remote Music Job Options For Music Lovers

Remote Music Industry Jobs 

Getting a job these days often doesn't require your physical presence. Thanks to the advancement of technology we've been able to make through the internet, some music jobs can be done successfully from a remote location.

Who doesn't love a good work-from-home job? Making money from the comfort of your home in the field of music is a dream.

I've been doing it for over ten years; it is a blessing for sure. The only downside to the idea of it is that you often have to skip through a lot of low-paying, scammy types of jobs to find gold.

Many people aren't even aware of the real opportunities out there when it comes to making musical money from home. I want to share ten ideas for you to consider when thinking about what kind of work-from-home job will fit your musical talents. 


Songwriting and getting paid for it can be a hard challenge, but it's definitely possible to do it from a remote location.

If you are able to build up enough clients that are willing to pay you for your musical creations, then you're in business. This can include classical music composition, music production, and lyric writing. 


Session Recording

Recording your voice or your musical instrument in a home studio is a great way to get paid if you have the talent for it, along with a good setup that will give people quality audio files.

People are always on the hunt for talented singers and instrumentalists; the key is standing out among the many available options on Freelancer sites like Fiverr. 

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Virtual music lessons are becoming quite the norm these days, and for a good reason. If you have musical skills for singing, playing an instrument, or composing music, you may be able to build a clientele list of students who are willing to pay you per hour.

Sites like TakeLessons offer money-making opportunities for tons of music teachers working from any location with a good wifi connection. Why not try it out for yourself if you already have the talent? 

Music Marketing

Many labels and music platforms utilize music marketers to spread the word about new artists and new releases.

While you don't really think about all that goes on behind the scenes, music marketers are responsible for bringing new tunes to us via paid advertising in countless mediums.

This type of marketing can include PPC ads, playlist promotion, search engine optimization, word-of-mouth advertising, radio advertising, and so much more. If you love music and love advertising, this may be a great fit for you. 

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Music Consulting 

While it isn't common to find, there are consultants out there who provide hourly services where they can give you tons of valuable information on your music career goals.

Consultants often work with labels, managers, publishing companies, and other larger businesses in need of musical expertise. 

Content Creation

Content creation in the music world doesn't stop at the songs. You can create many different types of content that are focused on music, including helpful blogs, videos, podcasts, and reviews.

Many large sites and magazines have a hired staff of music content writers that get paid a pretty penny on a regular basis. 

Music Curation 

DJs are still the kings of music curation, but playlist curators are seriously on the rise as well. Landing a job as a curator with a big music streaming platform like Spotify or Apple Music is obviously a great way to get paid, although the jobs are scarce and competitive. 



Another little-known job that music lovers can consider is the job of transcribing music into notated versions, also known as sheet music.

If you have music theory skills and know how to notate music into a written format, search around for music transcription jobs and see where your findings take you. 

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Audio Engineering 

Audio engineers are needed in so many different types of businesses, including labels, TV/Film, and radio stations.

While it can take some time and formal education to learn the ins and outs of audio production, the pay can really be worth the effort for those that are able to apply themselves well enough. 

Music Management 

Music managers are often very busy people, but they can do mostly all of their communications from the comforts of their homes!

Getting started as a manager can often be more of an internship or self-employed journey than the type of job where you'll get hired by a company, but it may be worth building your own clientele this way if it fits your personality. 

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