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How To Send Beats To Artists

How Do You Send Beats Out For Placements? 

If you're looking for ways to promote and sell your instrumentals to artists on the internet, I've got some tips for you!

Setting up a web page to sell your beats online and get your tracks sent instantly to your buyers after payment is a pretty short and easy process.

Multiple platforms allow you to showcase and sell your tracks to anyone that is interested in your talent with little to no start-up cost. Follow the steps below to learn how to sell beats and get your music career moving!

Step 1: Protect Your Beats With Copyright

Before you start selling your beats online, it's important to copyright your musical ideas so that no one can take or claim your work as their own.

You can copyright your songs online through the Copyright Office at Here, you will register your track labeled as 'performing arts' claim in order to officially claim the creation as your own.

This is not to be confused with labeling your copyright claim as a 'sound recording', which only protects the recording itself and not the underlying musical work.

With online copyrighting, it is also possible to copyright multiple songs at a time for the same fee. Take advantage and save cash on this process!

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Step 2: Upload Tracks To Sites To Be Heard

After your songs are protected, it is safe to upload your beats for people to preview your work. There is a wide variety of websites to upload your tracks to for streaming for this step.

Popular sites like SoundCloud and Reverbnation are common places you can find producers uploading and promoting their tracks.

Beat selling website sites like SoundClick, Bandcamp, and Airbit (highly recommended!) allow you to upload your tracks to be streamed and optionally bought or downloaded for free in exchange for an email address or social share.


If it fits your budget, it's a great idea to set up an official website (.com) where your beats can be heard, you can be contacted, and you can set up a mailing list for visitors to subscribe to you.

Having an official website is a great way to show how professional you are about your music.

Visitors will be more inclined to consider buying one of your beats rather than if they were just surfing your Soundcloud page.

It's also good to have an "about me" section or page where visitors can learn more about you and your past work.

This is especially critical if you have appealing accomplishments in your musical career; this will encourage a potential buyer to trust you and become a customer. 

Step 3: Set Up Your Pricing

There are a few options for making money from your beats online. You can sell full rights to a beat of yours for any price you'd like, ranging from 500 bucks to 50,000 if you're a big shot.

You can also lease your beats at a low price, usually ranging from 20-500, with certain limitations in the agreement, including royalty splits, total sales for song limitations, and more.

It's really up to you, but it's a good idea to keep your skill level and previous experience with selling in mind. If you're new to the game, pricing beats anything over 500 may result in you getting no buyers.

On the flip side, if you have a high skill level and/or a boastful musical background, it may be a bad idea to sell yourself too short for your hard work. 

When setting up your online store, be sure to have a Terms and Conditions detailing your agreements and rules once you do make a final decision on pricing for your beats. It doesn't need to be very fancy or detailed; just be sure to clearly state the terms of your agreement.

You may want to test different price models to see what works best for you, but be sure your terms line up with your sales page at all times. You don't want any miscommunication with your clients, especially if you'd like them to come back! 

Sell Beats

Step 4: Start Promoting

After you've finalized your websites and pricing, it's time to start promoting your material! If you've already got an audience of artists who could use your beats, the best ways to reach them is personally via a direct message, email, or phone.

Promoting on your social media timeline is still a great idea, but a lot of people are missing out on your posts when they aren't being sent to them directly.

If you want to think outside of the box, you can even contact people directly via snail mail to make an impact that they aren't used to seeing from music producers. 

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After you've reached out to musicians and artists in your circle, it's time to branch out and market your music to people you don't know.

Herein lies the most potential for success in getting heard and liked by artists! Below are ten different ideas for marketing and promoting your beats online as an unsigned producer:

Where To Post Your Beats

1. Use free and paid resources like Submit Hub and Push Power Promo to get your beats heard. 

2. Professionally reach out to some of your favorite artists via social media or their website about your instrumentals.

3. Advertise Your Instrumentals in the music section of classified sites like

4. Promote a post advertising your beats page with paid advertising on Facebook or Twitter (allows you to target artists specifically).

5. Use google search to find artists or labels looking for composers, instrumental makers, and producers for paid opportunities.

6. Promote your website or music link using Google Ads (which allows you to target users by search query).

7. Visit local performances and music events; share a business card with your music or website link on it.

8. Giveaway free beats to attract possible future buyers (works well if your beats are spectacular).

9. Research and find music licensing companies searching for instrumentals to place in media outlets such as Film, TV, Video Games, and similar platforms.

10. Enter music contests and competitions to get more exposure for your beats and music sites.

Don't put it off; start uploading your beats to a site like Airbit now and start to promote yourself to the music world! 

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