Music Ads: 6 Ways To Disrupt And Encourage Interaction When Advertising Sunday April 23 2023, 8:45 PM
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Music Ads: 6 Ways To Disrupt And Encourage Interaction When Advertising

Music Advertising Tips

While ads can be a very effective way to get new listeners to your songs, you want to make sure that you are effectively grabbing people's attention. 

Whether you're advertising on social media, email marketing, radio, or site ads, the endgame of your advertisement is to get people to see it and engage with it to the point where they hear your tunes and become a fan.

With advertising, there are several different elements at play that you want to be aware of. The main thing you don't want to do is spend a bunch of money and wind up getting little to no clicks or interaction on your ad.

You could have the most amazing music in the world that is waiting to be heard behind a simple click of your ad, but if the ad doesn't stand out or appeal to anyone, the whole advertising attempt winds up being a waste of money and time. 

Your fans may know your music is good, and you, of course, know that you've put a ton of effort into it, but when you are advertising to a completely new audience, they need to be persuaded and reeled in. 

In this digital where there are ads and new content in the form of text, audio, and video everywhere vying for attention, it's extremely hard to be persuasive about getting people to hear what you have to offer. Check out my six tips below that can help you stand out!

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Colors Matter


Have you ever noticed that many big brands use the same colors for their ads and logos? This is because they know the power of colors in physiology, which directly benefits marketing efforts. 

You may have noticed that a lot of companies use the color blue, which gives off a feeling of trustworthiness and reliability in a brand or company. 

Yellow is said to be an optimistic color that grabs' people's attention to something exciting, so it may make a great design color choice for advertising and logos in your music career.

Red is usually used for sales and discount ads and also gives off the feeling of excitement, while orange gives off a feeling of energy and youthfulness. 

Purple is a popular color for music ads because it's often used as a go-to for creative and entertainment brands. You may notice that many album covers and photoshoots feature purple to be imaginative. 

Focus On A Call To Action

Effective ads across all different niches focus on having a button or a line of text in ads that lead people to a certain action. This is often shortened to CTA in the marketing world.  

In the music world, some examples of a call to action can be to buy an album, buy a ticket, stream a new song, or something similar. 

Many artists make the mistake of putting out ads for their music without having a clear and effective call to action, which really can take away from the persuasiveness of the ad. 

An advertisement without a distinct call to action like "check it out" or "buy now" does not inspire people actually to interact with your ad and may cause you to miss out on clicks or lose money.

You want to keep your call to action sweet and straight to the point in order to get people actually acting on your ad. 

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Get People Involved 

Getting ad clicks is tricky, especially on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. You have to kind of go with the flow in terms of finding what posts get the most engagement, depending on your audience.

Usually, pictures and videos tend to stick out and get more impressions. Get creative and try polls, ask for feedback, and get people's personal story as it relates to your song release.

You can post inspiration, past work, future goals, jokes, shocking (but tasteful) news, and anything that your audience can relate to that will get people to interact with your ad or page. When you get more engagement, you get better visibility. 

One of the easiest ways to boost your visibility as an artist is to use the live feature on social media platforms for advertising your music.

While it may seem like a daunting task, a weekly live performance or show is suggested by many music marketers in order to keep current fans really engaged. 

Try Humor Or Cuteness

Online media is filled with cute and funny content, especially on social media. You'll probably notice if you log onto Facebook right now, you'll see a cute baby, a cute pet, or a funny meme

Play into this type of viral content with your advertising efforts by adding some humor or cuteness to help you to stand out from everything else.

Humorous and cute content is a great way to connect with strangers, because who doesn't love a general cute or funny video?

No matter the person's background or location, they can be entertained by your post, which will grab their eye, and your CTA should be able to do the rest. 

When it comes to humor and cuteness, try to also keep up with the current times of what is going on in the world. Did something crazy just happen in the sports world? A rapper can use that in their music ads.

Is it Valentine's Day, and you're coming out with a love song? Use cute or funny content to reach out and connect with the people who are being exposed to your music ad. It can really pay off in the long run. 


Use The Power Of Sex Appeal 

We all know that sex sells! Now, of course, you don't want to be using the power of sex appeal if you're doing a genre like gospel or even hard metal, but a ton of music artists put out songs in the field of pop, rock, indie, dance, and hip hop music.

Popular genres of music lean heavily into how much sex sells, and I don't want anyone going against their morals or anything, but it works really well to catch people's eye in terms of advertising. 

You can even play into it very slightly with other attractive people in your ad photos if you aren't trying to make yourself a sex symbol. 

In the advertising world, there are still a lot of rules, so you want to be subtle with using the power of sex appeal so that your ads don't get banned or anything. 

Highlight The Benefits 

Those who have really harnessed the power of marketing and promotion know that it's all about getting to the base of what your audience desires. With other brands, that can be challenging, but with music, it's easily laid out there for you.

Most people in the world enjoy some form of music, so you are likely advertising to music fans all the time, which is great since you are trying to get yours heard, which can benefit both parties. 

Instead of putting out an ad and thinking about things from the viewpoint of, "Let me see how much I can spend to get thousands of listeners to my song," think something along the lines of, "Let me see how many people's lives my song can really touch".

Music can do so many things for a person. It doesn't matter if they're a great singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, or simply a music lover. Tap into that power that your music can have when it comes to helping others. 

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