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How Sound Design Enhances Music, TV, Film, Advertising And More

What Is Sound Design?

Audio can play a huge role in the successful development of film, art, advertising, and most other types of media. 

Sound design, or the process of using any type of sound to enhance a form of media or entertainment, is a critical part of the entertainment and marketing world that many people tend to look over.

When a film is great? The sound design was probably great as well. When a commercial is effective? The sound designer in charge was probably working some magic behind the scenes. 

Sound Design In Film/TV

The most popular case of sound design is often paired with its usage in TV and movies. Not to be confused with the film scorer, the sound designer is in charge of all the audio elements going on in media production.

These elements can include sound effects for an environment, like rain or wind, voice-over work like a laugh track or a narrator, the music track(s) assigned to the media, and the audio effects added in post-production, like echo or reverb.

As an example of a great piece of sound design that is used in a widely known film, the infamous lightsaber from Star Wars is the combination of a film projector and mic feedback noises that a skilled sound designer put together.

People mistakenly think that sound design is mainly about the music in a show or film, but audio effects go so much further in the world of entertainment media!


Sound Design In Advertising

Like the uses in film and TV, sound design plays a big role in successful advertising campaigns. With the usage of sound effects, spoken word, audio effects, and environmental sounds, ads can be more persuasive with good sound design. 

As an example, you will rarely see or hear a soda commercial that doesn't have the sound effect of the can opening and the carbonation you can hear that comes sizzling shortly after. 

Soda drinkers crave these sounds, and marketers know that; they make sure to include sound design elements like these to get their targeted audience to buy what they are advertising. 

Sound Design In Theatre

Sound designing also plays a huge role in the theatre world, where the performers and designers involved can get really creative with their ideas when it comes to creating noises to enhance the performance and atmosphere.

A method of creating sounds for a performance that is often found in this medium is called making foley sounds. Foley sounds are noises used to recreate another noise, like someone blowing on a mic to create a sense of the wind blowing. 

Sound designers often have to do a lot in the theatre world, including taking care of sound effects, audio levels, transitional music, playing digital sound effects, and more. 

Sound Design In Music 

Sound design techniques can really take a musical work to the next level, just like it does in other forms of media, but it is severely underused in modern music.

Back before studio recordings became a mainstream thing in the 1900s, musicians were forced to be more creative with the ways they created a mood and environment with their music to further the message in their songs.

As an example, Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" features bustling noises from a crowd throughout, which really brings home the message in the lyrics urging people to start a conversation with their family and friends about speaking love in the community. 

Sound design is often found in album releases in interludes and extended tracks where musicians get more creative freedom.

Sound design often overlaps with a technique in music creation called word painting.

Word painting, sometimes called tone painting or text painting, is a songwriting technique where you create melodic elements that reflect the literal meaning of a song's lyrics or story elements.

For more details on word painting, check out my post on it here!

Using sound design techniques similar to the ones you find in performance theatre, particularly musical theatre, can also really enhance a live music performance in almost any genre!

Other Opportunities For Sound Design 

I encourage creatives of all types to incorporate sound design techniques into their content more often. This audio process is necessary for many other fields I didn't cover, including video games and podcast shows.

Sound designing is really necessary for storytelling podcasts because they are very similar to TV/Film sound designing, except it relies on audio elements MUCH more!


I even incorporate sound design elements into my Youtube channel, where I offer music tips for songwriters, bands, producers, and others looking to excel in the music industry.

Sound design techniques in the social media world are not really talked about much, but it is very critical for influencers on sites like TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram, where visual and audio effects can make or break your post's ability to go viral. 

When it comes to designing the sound for your content across all types of media, I encourage you to think outside the box and not just limit yourself to musical sounds.

There are so many audio elements in our everyday world that can also bring our consumed media and entertainment to even greater heights. 

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In conclusion, sound design is a crucial aspect of media and entertainment that is often overlooked. It plays a significant role in film, TV, advertising, theatre, music, video games, and even social media.

Sound designers are responsible for creating all the audio elements of a production, from sound effects to music tracks and audio effects in post-production. Design engineers also use techniques like foley sounds and word painting to create a more immersive experience for the audience.

In advertising, sound effects and environmental sounds are used to make ads more persuasive, while in the theatre world, sound designers enhance performances and atmosphere by taking care of sound effects, audio levels, transitional music, playing digital sound effects, and more.

I encourage creatives of all types to incorporate sound design techniques into their content to bring their media and entertainment to greater heights. Sound design is a critical aspect of storytelling, and it should not be limited to just music.

By thinking outside the box and using various audio elements in our everyday world, we can make our media and entertainment even more immersive and enjoyable for audiences.


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